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I'll pass on his Stan Smith's and get the originals.
Just received my ROBINSON LES BAINS swimsuit. I'm very impressed by its fit and details. I especially like the zipper side pocket, snap fly and feel of the fabric. These are trim but not skinny. I'm so glad the baggy board short look is beginning to fade away. These offer a cool updated style.
Brioni will be showcasing four of it's master tailors at Wilkes Bashford in San Francisco on September 5th and 6th. In addition to special fabrics exclusive to this event, they will be demonstrating the execution of working buttonholes, manual placement of patterns on fabric and monogramming. The goal is to give customers a Brioni factory experience. They also mention that this is their largest ever trunk show event. It should be an interesting event and an opportunity to...
Lightweight Bresciani linen and cotton socks. Perfect for 104 degree heat in Las Vegas. Shoes are Lobb Russels
Follow me on Instagram "guswalbolt" I just returned from MAGIC in LV with some #menswear shots
If you want to play Eric Clapton's former 50's Korina Flying V head down to Carmel, CA and visit Rumble Seat Music. The owner has a few bursts as well and he lets you play them
Returning for a trunk show.
I see they are returning to WIngtip in October and with Salvatori Ambrosi.
Looking forward to the Fall suits.......
It has a year-round look to me. In both color and fabric. I could see wearing that in cooler weather under a sweater or leather jacket.
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