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Those Rubi pocket squares have wonderful color combinations for true versatility. They aren't a thick silk, which makes them less bulky in your pocket. I have the Victory but could easily use a couple more.
Isn't a Rubinacci pocket square an iGent requirement?
Troika, you bring on the steez bruh. Glad to have you, always.
Neither of the last two jackets with the shirt and tie shown in your fit photo. The plaid patterned blue jacket is nice. You could wear it with a pink shirt and off white or grey trousers or nice jeans and a white shirt. With the off white jacket, I wear mine with either light grey pants or jeans and a blue or pink shirt.
A few photos from the recent trunk show
A few more from Khaki's
And killer shoes:
Lots of colors on display:
The second photo with the tropical leaves are linen made by Finamore.
Beautiful shoes from Edward Green and G&G
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