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I'm 6' 2" with an 11 shoe and wear a 2" cuff most of the time. If you have any hesitation about a 2" cuff, then go with a 1.75". It will look good.
Thanks for the feedback and insights Prof. Fabulous. I see on their website that the Hunting World brand is owned by Itochu International, a Japanese firm. The brand is sold at stores in Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea and several other cities in Asia. I ran into a display of their bags at MAGIC in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago. (see the phone pic below) They are celebrating the brands 50th anniversary and are seeking to re-introduce it into the US market. I like the look of...
@europrep - I was all ready to wear a suede wingtip with rubber soles. But, it was so incredibly sunny outside, that the lighter tan color was beckoning.
Heading into SF yesterday to attend the A Suitable Wardrobe trunk show at the St Regis Jacket by Napoli Su Misura Scarf Etro Jeans 1962 Zx Levis LVC Shoes Edward Greeen
Nice trunk show yesterday at A Suitable Wardrobe. Almost all of Will's clothing and accessories have a good story behind them. But, being able to see them IRL makes a big difference. There were a lot of beautifully crafted items made from the very finest materials. It was a real treat to get to play with them.
Got a phone message from Zoltan, jacket not ready. I was in no rush but the personal message was nice. 👍
I think if you go to Zoltan and can clearly express the final look you want and the specific areas you want addressed, then you should have good luck. I've been in there waiting while some pretty eclectic people with their equally eclectic fashions have made "interesting" requests. He is used to offering more than just one style. He is very enjoyable. He has had tons of experience in fine tailored clothing, fashion forward apparel, workwear, leather. Parking can be a...
Anyone here have any experience with Hunting World? It is a brand with a true, safari history. Apparently it's founder was a safari leader who also designed all of the gear. I recall they had a store in NYC for a few years and ran small ads in the New Yorker and NY Times. Anyone own or use it? What do you think of it's quality?
The majority of women fans who love DC's body seem to prefer the snug look rather than to have the movie's wardrobe director follow good tailoring standards.
Any pics from the movie reflect the fact that the costume director chose from a dozen or more suits in various fits available for every scene. Part of that is in case there is damage and part is so DC can always be shown in the most snug fit possible and practical for any movement needed. A rear standing shot will have tight pants and a snug jacket. A running scene will allow for a bit more room and movement, etc. There was a great interview online by the costume director...
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