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Brooks Bros...
Lobbs, Paul Stuart socks, Ambrosi flannels.
There are some very nice classic OTC socks on sale today over at the Hanger Project.
Look at post #33 and #31
The Ullswater is quite a shoe. Such a classic British country brogue. It begs to be worn with corduroys, jeans, heavy flannels in cold or nasty weather. I really enjoy the heavy Dianite rubber sole especially when its wet. And for looks, the pebble grain finish is very attractive.
Kia, I enjoyed your comments in the book AMETORA. Great reading about Japans post war history with US style and how it applied to Ivy and denim. Thank god for the Japanese showing the world how to make quality denim.
Justin, are those Ullswaters?
The Warriors cheerleaders weren't practicing their dance routines today at my gym. I ruined a perfectly good afternoon having to exercise.
I wore tassel loafers for a while in the early 70's as an early prep/ Ivy revival look (Bass Weejuns). Then again in the late 80's to early 90's black Italian loafers along with contemporary Italian suits, ties and shirts . After a long dry spell and an anti-tasseI loafer attitude, I bought my most recent C&J (British) suede loafers. Every single time I wear them men and women in their late 20's stop me to comment on them.
Standard & Strange is having a blowout garage sale of leftover inventory and they have a few Kapital pieces. It is in-store only. S&S will be issuing 25% off coupons to their mailing list and Styleforum members. I don't know if there is anything to restrict using it on Kapital or not, but you might want to sign up for their mailing list right now in case it does apply to Kapital. That would be a very nice savings.
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