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We really enjoyed the old Gothic Quarter. Check out the Hotel Neri. A real gem of a hotel.
Heading out to Bar del Play we ran into a friendly older Brit who said,"follow me to the best tapas, I've been here 13 times" it was El Xampanyet. Crowded, lively, fun, great food!Went to Bar del Pla tonight. All the tour books rave about it. It was OK but dropped in on a few more that were more interesting and had better food.Eating at the market is a fun experience.Went to a menswear store Bel Y Cia. It's been around since the 1880's. Beautiful classic menswear. They...
If you think that the Japanese Yen will continue to drop and or that the dollar will get stronger check out Pro Shares Short Yen ETF (YCS) . 112-121 yen to the $ since Nov 3 A 20% change since Aug. Japan is printing money like crazy and the dollar continues to get stronger.
OK....which one are you?
A friend of mine used to play bridge with Warren. He said this question comes up all the time and has for 10+ years. Many feel the stock will take a big hit when he dies even though he has excellent management and a solid succession plan. How much? Who knows. But the real question will be, will BRK be offered the same special premium terms for deals that Warren now enjoys.
"Take my wife...please take her"
Bill Murray was interviewed recently and said he never watched Seinfeld. He then saw a rerun of the final and said he didn't get it. He didn't think it was funny.
L.B.M. 1911 Soft, unlined, Wool blend, Jacket Euro size 52L (runs short like a regular) LBM 1911 is a favorite for its casual jackets. This one is a washed wool blend in a brown plaid with a subtle oxblood colored over plaid. Three patch pockets, lined sleeves, working surgeon cuffs. This fits trim in the body and arm and short (even though it says long it is more like most jacket regulars) A very nice casual jacket, perfect with jeans and cords. Chest (P-to-P)...
New Posts  All Forums: