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I graduated college in 1976 and began my publishing company in the SF Bay Area. I was working closely with one of the two largest printers on the West Coast and the majority of their volume came from advertising. As a result I would meet with them and have lunches with various management and often some of their advertising clients. I was in my early 20's everyone else was 40's to late 50's. It was all suit and tie. A typical meeting would be to arrive at 10AM, chat for 30...
I bought a new pair of dirty bucks and they are nubuck and not suede. I miss real suede. They seem kind of fake like pleather even though they are real leather.
It is a cool look but the inseam is crazy short. Actually I like how his boss is wearing a colorful scarf as an ascot/bandana.
Try Harry's of London. They have a Driver shape but a full rubber bottom. Quite comfortable for walking around town so they travel well. http://www.harrysoflondon.com/basel-2-scotch-dark-brown
White and off-white pants have always been a favorite look with a blue blazer. I'm looking forward to seeing the combinations.
I've been in Chicago many times in late May and wouldn't consider anything but seersucker, a light tan cotton, linen or tropical weight wool. I suppose Nature flicks a switch and you better be ready for heat and humidity pretty soon.
With two layers of heavy leather in the front, it rarely looks good on most people. Go with a trimmer waist style and a front zip.
That is what happens when you let anybody in
Here is a real long-shot idea for the close.... Drapper, sitting in the Miller meeting and looks out of the window and sees a plane vapor stream make a cross with the Empire State building. Drapper then meets the ex-husband in Racine who tells him to find Jesus. So the guess is that Don picks up a hitchhiker who will be a Jesus Freak. Don finds new meaning in life because of the message and accepts the Lord rejecting his old ways and life. Once again he would be starting...
New Posts  All Forums: