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Here are a few more of the Andrea's 1947
Here are a few more by Drakes.
This guy always inspires me to wear a colorful scarf.
I ran into these at Liberty at MAGIC a few weeks ago. 19 Andrea 47 from Italy. Fun and colorful.
The Harem scarf from Monsieur Fox. If you look closely you can make out one of the exotic beauties.
This is a favorite cashmere/silk blend from Etro.
In a short period of time, colorful scarves have become a common sight on the street and online mixed with casual and classic tailored menswear. Post photos of your favorite scarf or examples of guys wearing them well. Rubinacci Drakes Liverano
I saw them at the Liberty show at AMGIC and they really looked great. A whole different approach to design and color than Drakes. Much more of a relaxed, free flowing design than the more classic Drakes patterns. I was very impressed. All the ones I saw were a cashmere blend but light enough for spring and summer. I will be buying one when they hit retail.
A couple of pocket squares from Monsieur Fox. The top on is silk. The bottom a wool and silk blend.
I wore a shawl collar white dinner jacket to my prom ages ago. It is a fun option to a black tuxedo jacket. I noticed a few actors wearing them well on this years Oscars. If you do decide to wear one, keep everything else classic - white shirt, black bow tie and matching cumberbund. Have fun!
New Posts  All Forums: