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WeakMonday- great thread and story. I look forward to more of your posts. Oh and don't feel the need to defend your suit to certain people.
Gennaro jacket sure looks good in these pics.
I like the look of all of those jackets except the grey DB. The DB doesn't shape to the torso as nicely as the SB jackets.
Anyone have experience with A.G.Spalding? http://www.spaldingbros.com/en_us They have shops in Italy and a few items show up on Yoox from time to time. I've run across some of their beautiful stationery in London and Milan.
Pitti may get all the buzz and to some extent the NYC shows but brands from all over the world descend upon Las Vegas for several days to show everything from streetwear and denim to fine tailored Italian suits and accessories. It is pretty crazy how large this show is. It is the second largest show in Vegas each year and covers the entire LV Convention Center, Mandalay Bay and Sands/Ventitian Expos.
If you want a more classic dress shoe my personal experience is that for walking long distance 1) Bontoni then a tie between Lobb and Edward Green once they are broken in. Bontoni has a special foot bed that is very comfortable. They also offer customized fits at their trunk shows at no extra charge. They are the most comfortable shoes of their type right from the box. Once Lobbs and EG's are broken in they feel very good walking miles around a city. If you are really...
I used to attend a trade shows at some of the largest venues in the world including Frankfurt, Chicago's McCormick Place, Burmingham, LV so walking several miles a day on concrete was quite normal. Comfort was key. Getting to and from the shows also required being ready for any weather. I found a derby or simple cap toe made with soft pebble leather and with a soft Vibram rubber sole was ideal. There are harder and stiffer Vibram that I avoided because they weigh more and...
History Preservation Society also carries Buzz Rickson and Eastman Leathers. You can get lost on their website for a while.
One of the more remarkable sources of Sugar Cane denim and workwear in the US is this company in NJ - History Preservation Society. Read the About Us, kinda cool. Call them and discuss your needs. Their communications are friendly, highly detailed and very informed. They give very detailed feedback on fit and will measure their inventory to find you the right pair. Here is a link to their Sugar Cane 1947 type II that offers plain rear pockets and a slightly revised fit....
I've actually been on the lookout for a great fitting pair of plain pocket denim similar to what @notwithit describes but I haven't found it. They can't compare to the fit of the LVC 1947 or 551ZXX for my build. Most are too skinny in the knee or thigh or too short in the inseam. To me, it is the one niche area of denim that still offers an opportunity for a manufacturer. The plain back pockets, a moderately trim leg with a finer, dense weave denim would offer a welcome...
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