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I posted this in the WAYWRN MC then realized it may fit better here. This is my typical daily look, LVC Levis, British shoes (sometimes Italian) and an Italian jacket, this one by Napoli Su Misura. The scarf is the Harem print scarf from Monsieur Fox.
Cool Bay Area weather calls for a wool jacket and scarf
When wearing trimmer opening jeans you wear them shorter. Start by rolling a cuff. If you have never done this before give it a try. It might feel odd at first. That would be normal the first time or two. Once you are used to it then either stay with that look or go for a shorter hem.
I wear a 12-12.5" thigh (34W) and that isn't muscular, it is a classic straight fit. The new Levis 501 CT has a somewhat full thigh and narrow cuff. http://www.mrporter.com/mens/designers/levis_501_ct_jeans/all
I'm still impressed by the close of BB and the supurb choice of music. What a finale. "Guess I got what I deserved..."
Ha ha......OK I'll take that. Perhaps I assumed to much from a guy who only joined last month and only has 33 posts. I guess I should have somehow known you knew all of that.This is a subject where I get a bit passionate because so many older guys (and I'm an OG) still wear the full and long leg jeans with a 90's cut or younger guys wearing the fuller cut jeans they wore in High School. People get used to a certain cut and just seem to stick with it. I agree the skinny...
I like to wash my jeans on a regular basis. Washed on cold and hung to air dry I find sanforized 34" inseams shrink about an inch after repeated washings and the waist about 1/2-1" but will stretch a bit after several wearings. This has been true with American and Japanese sanforized denim.
I'm 6' 2" and have worn jeans mixed with tailored jackets for decades. Please reconsider a jean with a more trim opening of 8" or 7 3/4". A 9 inch cuff or larger is either traditional workwear or a 90's Dad jean. Jeans, except those worn with large work boots, really shouldn't flap around. You need a leaner, trim taper to look a bit more updated and modern. Trust me, they will look good mixed with a "Vox" cut tweed or corduroy jacket. Ralph Lauren and Andy Warhol have worn...
Another standout "like"....the theme song. The trance-like haunting sound against the irregular percussion was excellent. I read somewhere that it was a re-arrangement of a song by a rapper.
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