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Yeah Kleinberg's ostrich belts are a good value at $275 They wear very well and the tan color they use coordinates with almost anything. https://www.khakisofcarmel.com/shop-page/accessories-2/w-kleinberg-brown-ostrich-belt/ This sharkskin is very nice too! https://www.khakisofcarmel.com/shop-page/accessories-2/w-kleinberg-brown-sharkskin-belt/
Check out this classic, old school collar roll. Love it! Glad I ordered two of them. If you haven't tried a YH shirt yet, better move quick with the special sale pricing.
Here is a Hornback Alligator belt made by W. Kleinberg. I especially like it's matt finish and neutral taupe color which pair nicely with jeans, gray flannels and just about any earth tones. Kleinberg makes beautiful belts and will make just about anything custom for you. Most of their retailers offer the custom program. This one I bought from @khakisofcarmel
Just a hint of padding. Maybe just a slight roll of fabric on the seam? It is an old Borrelli Sorento model.
This jacket has patch pockets and is made from a cotton twill with soft construction for a casual look that I mix with jeans.
I think corduroy is an ideal fabric for a tailored jacket with jeans in Fall/Winter. This Ring Jacket uses an especially comfortable corduroy fabric by Loro Piano made from cotton and a small percentage of Elastine so that it feels soft like a well worn corduroy from day one and has a bit of give.
Pairing jeans with a tailored jacket for a casual look takes some thought to pull off properly. Simon Crompton, of the blog Permanent Style, wrote in October of 2015 If there is one question men ask more than any other, it is how to wear a jacket with jeans. Behind this usually lies a desire to dress up an outfit without appearing too up-tight. Friends in the creative or digital industries often have this problem. When your start-up company grows from two employees...
Impressed for finding and bumping a 9 year old thread
Two Yellow Hook OCBD's arrived. Love the old school soft collar roll. One uses a lightweight oxford and the other a heavy weight so I'm covered for year-round wear. I'll post some fit pics once I get them laundered and ironed. Thanks Rob and Courtney!
Don't do it. Buy pants with side adjusters or suspender buttons. You will very likely ruin the look of the pants by removing the belt loops.
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