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I saw your jacket at the trunk show. Great looking fabric. Is it a wool linen blend? A DB navy jacket is subtle but more interesting than a typical blue blazer. I traveled almost exclusively with one for about a decade. A DB jacket projects a little more style.
For the upcoming trunk show. What is the typical price range for a Formosa MTM jacket and for a suit verses the RTW? What about Rota MTM trousers?
There really isn't one. Guys all over the country wear black shoes and never give it a second thought. The only place where wearing black shoes is an issue, that I know of, is Styleforum.
Amen.I pull out my black double monks to wear with my navy suit, grey flannels and jeans with a black cashmere rollneck.
I mentioned seeing Luciano Barbera. They had some beautiful flannel ties, very Fall fabrics and colors. They seemed a lot better made or at least more substantial than the ones from 2-3 years ago.(that looked good but felt a bit weak to me). The brands colors and patterns also seemed to be back to being a bit more subtle in the classic LB style.
Well, they are the perfect excuse for not wearing a tie. So, that saves you $150-$200 right there.
I saw more green fabrics on menswear yesterday than I've seen since the 70's. Quite a range from deep forest to heathered bright bottle green. Personally, my favorite shades of green are a deep mossy heather or deep olive. Bottle green doesn't work with my complexion.
Was in San Francisco yesterday and made the rounds to various stores to check out Fall RTW. Long sleeve polos are everywhere. Isaia has some in a cotton linen blend in muted complex heathered Fall colors. They also offer a 100% cotton in a very fine Pique with a silky feel in a few darker colors. Luciano Barbera seems to be back in-force at WIlkes and Barney's with some attractive pieces after going through reorganization, new investor management (the family that brought...
Always nice to see a quality collection with a story behind each item.
Wow! Impressive. Go SF!
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