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I will be the guest editor next week. Working in titillating subjects and pics of debauchery around the Bay Area will be my goal. Oh, and some #menswear and denim as well.
One other suggestion, add an Instagram follow to the landing page next to Twitter, RSS, etc. After all, next week will be a very special week on Styleforum's Instagram and we wouldn't want anyone to miss it.
Thanks Fok. I've updated my account profile to include the newsletter. I would suggest making the newsletter sign up an easy one stop location on your landing page to maximize subscribers.
Just a reminder, BART will have the tunnel closed this weekend to the East Bay, so plan to drive or Uber if you are attending cross Bay events on Sat or Sun
How and where does one sign up for the Styleforum Newsletter?
This Friday is the kick off for the annual denim event Denimbruin. Denimbruin attracts enthusiasts, hard core denimheads, industry insiders, retailers and manufacturers from around the world. If you enjoy denim and are in the Bay Area this weekend, check it out. I will be there Friday and posting photos next week on Instagram.
That would be a nice shirt to wear without a tie and with jeans or solid colored trousers going out for a casual evening or for a business casual setting. It could also look good under a blue jacket without a tie. It is hard to pair all but the most traditional patterned shirts with ties and make it look good in my opinion.Unusual patterned shirts are a bit fashion forward and really need to be paired with a whole look to pull off properly. If you are looking to build a...
I think the tied bow is a great look to go casual or formal depending upon the rest of your outfit. That was an important statement look on RL's most popular loafers in the 80's. Glad to see it coming back.
Or a pathetic attempt at sympathy.
I think Prince gave one of the very best performances at any Superbowl. His singing, dancing and guitar were all on fire. He is a far more interesting and imaginative player than Clapton IMO.
New Posts  All Forums: