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Perhaps the greatest rock solo ever played on a Les Paul Jr. Tone, tone, tone!
OK, save the date, for Thursday September 1st for a Styleforum Meetup hosted by Suitsupply. I will create a separate Meetup thread for this event when the time and other details are confirmed later this week or early next week. Hoping we can get something special for for Styleforum members and their guests as part of the event.
One of mine too! Jeff Baxter was the guitar soloist. Not sure what he used in the studio but I recall seeing him playing it live with a Tele with a HB in the neck and another time with a beatup old Strat.Early 1970 was the apex of experimenting with modifying guitars in LA and SF originally for studio musicians where Stars Guitars rebuilt many vintage Fenders destroying their vintage value while trying to add sustain and squeeze out some new sound and tone. At that time...
Do you have any in bright red hats with catchy sayings? You know, something like 'Make America Great Again"
OK, I get it.I was hanging out with Seymour Duncan at the Dallas Guitar Show ages ago and he had the Beck Esquire (which he let me play back in his hotel room). He told me about the Beck Tele-Gib. He said the magic in that guitar was in the PU's that he wound. He also added a Gibson style stop tail piece (which I later saw on a number of other guitarists Teles into the early 70''s)On early recordings Dias's (Steely Dan) heavily modified Tele had two PAF's that had coil...
I just heard from Suit Supply about hosting a San Francisco Meetup. They will be setting up their all new Fall 2016 suits, jackets and accessories August 29th so we are looking at having a party in their Maiden Lane location on Sept 1st or 8th. I'll post more details in a separate event/Meetup thread as soon as they are finalized.
Although the thought of a humbucker in the neck position of a Tele always appealed to me, I never understood why you would want a HB in the bridge position. The classic Tele lead PU is where all the personality of a Tele originates IMO. If you want a double HB solidbody it seems there are plenty of other options that would also hold greater resale and trade value. Or, in the pic you posted, is the HB wound to sound like a Tele lead?
I've meet such an interesting assortment of people at Denimbruin. If you haven't been to one, make the effort to attend. Its such a unique opportunity to meet people involved in all areas of denim in an intimate and enjoyable setting. It is easy to hang out, grab a beer and meet people from around the world who are writers, historians, designers, production and retailers. I'm especially looking forward to this years featured guests at Standard & Strange on Sunday. See you...
How do you care for the Chromexcel natural? Clear cream polish?
I see that Standard & Strange has some special Alden pre-orders going on right now: http://www.styleforum.net/t/392829/standard-strange-official-affiliate-thread/150_30#post_8508474 The Natural Chromexcel blucher is especially nice!
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