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My thoughts on wearing Jackets, Ties and Jeans- The combination of the three look their best with the of textures and colors of Fall/WInter materials. A knit or heavy cashmere tie looks less formal and works best with the other textiures. Suede is the ideal shoe with jeans or an interesting detailed brogue that isn't too shiny. If you want the late 60's Ivy style go with Levis, a blue blazer, simple rep tie, OCBD and penny loafers. This was Any Warhol's go-to look as...
You must have a vintage Les Paul TV jr...........
I have always loved single pickup guitars. I've owned most of them- Esquires, Firebird I's, Les Paul Jr, TV Jr, etc., etc., Here is a pretty good overview of the merits of a single PU axe.....
Had Mrs Pocketsquare not insisted upon the tan jacket yesterday, I would have done a version of this. SInce it has a scarf and no tie it doesn't qualify under the thread rules.
Sugar- my wife and I have a meeting today. She said, "I'm wearing blue jeans and a navy blazer. Don't want to look like twins. Can you wear a jacket that isn't blue?" So, thus the khaki twill cotton jacket look. But ideal for warm and sunny SF today
Jacket- Borrelli Sorrento cotton twill Shirt -end on end bespoke Jeans -Levis LVC 1947 Shoes -C&J suede Tie -Carrot & Gibbs Pocket Square -Simonnot-Godard
Good choice for a challenge Butler:slayer:
I use this peddle a lot for a good echo-reverb-slapback sound
With this reverb you get this cool haircut
A Fender reverb gives that classic surf reverb sound or the Jefferson Airplane "Somebody to Love" guitar solo.
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