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I've had bespoke shirts from various makers in Italy and MTM shirts from Borrelli since the 1990's. The bar tacks are a nice finishing touch but I've never had a shirt tear or "fail" without them (RTW, MTM or bespoke). To me they were more a subtle touch of extra attention and detail by the maker. Udeshi, is only speaking of "overly fussy" bartacks. I have to admit I commissioned a few MTO shirts from Borrelli 10 years ago with double button collars and contrasting...
Interesting challenge. There was consistent quality throughout the entries. Well done!
If you want a simple and classic made British shoulder bag try the Brady Bag, they call it a map bag, made especially for Labor & Wait in London. http://www.labourandwait.co.uk/products/folio-bag
How about either of these Ghurka Totes?
San Francisco SF Bay Area Styleforum Meetup – Host Khaki’s of Carmel – Monday September 29th Come on out and meet your fellow Styleforum members for an enjoyable evening. Classic Menswear, Streetwear & Denim are all invited. Khaki’s of Carmel has generously invited the members of Styleforum to join them for drinks and light appetizers for our next Meetup. They will be in San Francisco for a two-day Trunk Show for Ring Jacket (more details below) at the Parc 55...
Fun thread. I should hang out here.
^^^Perfect shirt with a solid brown tie and/or brown shoes. I'm going to have to find something similar.
What do you have left of Rising Sun? I'm sad to hear they are closing down.
I've managed projects in the US, China and other countries. In my experience China isn't better than the US. It is a factor of the QC, Management, training and quality of materials regardless of the country.
Justin, based on your description I think you will enjoy their brand new contemporary fit. It will have a classic fit but with just a bit more tapper from the knee down. My first impression of the fit was that it looks neat and tailored giving it a bit more style without being a skinny fashion pant. I'm a fan.
New Posts  All Forums: