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I owned several early 60's Firebirds including a I and a III. I loved the look but the heavy headstock always felt out of balance. An Explorer feels much better .
A Tele or Esquire is the Levi's 501xx of guitars. They look better over time and take on a look reflecting their owner.
I have one pair of charcoal pants. They are a heavy wool twill. That fabric doesn't look like suit material at all. They certainly aren't as versatile as medium grey and not as all around styleish as the lighter greys. If a middle age or "senior" gentleman wants to look a bit younger, go for the lighter grey pant.
I like the looks of charcoal trousers with colors and patterns similar to this: or this:
No.One of the great things that Fender did for aspiring musicians and for the guitar market in general was to make quality versions of their classic guitars in Mexico for a fraction of the price of the MIUSA versions. They play and sound great. They are an excellent value.Also, "back in the day" Fender was producing heavy, thick poly coated neck, crappy POS guitars and electronics in the early-70's to the early 80's. It was teaking and innovating variations in the artist...
Wow, some really beautiful Fall/WInter patterns and colors.
A reminder to Bay Area Styleforum members that this Saturday 6-8pm is the Kent Wang hosted Meetup. See the first post for details. Please RSVP in this thread if you can attend.
Niyi Okuboyejo in his Kent Wang suit
Here is a photo of an Ambrosi pant (the grey twill) and NSM (off white cashmere cotton). Both are very nice pants. The NSM was a better pant than any similar RTW pant that I could find around the Bay Area at Neiman Marcus, Wilkes Bashford, etc. It was also a better price than the well known brands at those stores. Some of my pants with NSM have varied. I believe that was during the time they were growing and changing tailors. The fit on NSM is good and the quality is...
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