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I would go for a smart and simple look. Get a medium blue suit with soft shoulders and patch pockets to wear with a white or blue shirt. It makes a statement. It is an easy "uniform" to pull off every day. What will make it fashionable will be the fit, quality of the fabric and the shade of blue you choose as well as the quality of your shoes. For variety consider different shades of blue (even a brighter blue), tan and a light gray as your basics. Being in L.A. just look...
Great color combination. That is a beauty.
Enjoying this Christian Kimber East London scarf. I especially like that it's double faced, has a contemporary graphic pattern and colors. It's good mixing modern touches in with my menswear. It keeps it fresh.
Just received my Christian Kimber "East London" scarf. Wonderful colors and a double face construction make this very special. I will post a pic once the rain stops.
I've had shirts that were too tight in the sleeves recently (especially bending elbow) but never too high of an armhole. A high, fitted armhole works fine if there is sufficient room in the shoulder and shoulder blade area to reach in front comfortably. This is where I have an issue and ask for more room with shirtmakers.
^ Nice. A couple years ago I bought my son an acoustic. I was shocked how good of a guitar you can get for $100-$200. Easy to play, nice tone. The same is true for electrics. Some of these Fender Squires, if set up properly, really sing. At the same time, I do enjoy the old stuff. But I am tempted to build an electric one of these days since there are so many quality parts available for a Fender-like guitar at a fraction of the price of a typical MIUSA Fender.
This is my all-time favorite model of Borrelli. If it were only my size..........
I own the high waist cotton twill with side tabs. Great look. My local tailor was very impressed by the fit.I would also go for a light gray flannel. I think it's a tad more sporty, younger, contemporary shade than medium gray IMO. Its a favorite of mine with tobacco brown suede shoes.
@gdl203 Are you considering another Spring trunk show in San Francisco?
@Piobaire if you are planning a visit to Napa for wine tasting and would like to visit some of the more unique or exclusive vineyards, do make advanced reservations. Some of the best ones book up quickly in early Spring. If you want recommendations PM me. My wife and I visit frequently.
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