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I stopped in earlier today to order a suit. Jim said to. "Tell the guys to come by early if they want and hang out". They have lots to look at, jackets and pants to try on , a great view from the. 30 the floor too. I'm heading back in a while. See you there. Gus
If you are interested in a Ring made-to-order or custom jacket, trousers or suit please contact 831-277-4975 to set up a separate appointment for the 29th or 30th with Jim Ockert and Ring Jacket's Hidetoshi Sasamoto, Or, walk-ins are welcome. The trunk show and Meetup are located in room 3016 at Parc 55. Feel free to call 831-277-4975 when you arrive or go to the elevator bays and up to level 30.
Tonight! San Francisco SF Bay Area Styleforum Meetup – Host Khaki’s of Carmel – Monday September 29th Come on out and meet your fellow Styleforum members for an enjoyable evening. Classic Menswear, Streetwear & Denim are all invited. Khaki’s of Carmel has generously invited the members of Styleforum to join them for drinks and light appetizers for our next Meetup. They will be in San Francisco for a two-day Trunk Show for Ring Jacket (more details below) at the Parc...
I'm wear a large 10.5 or a snug US11 shoe.
Well after the hosted event we will take you along to Mikkeller for a taste or two of San Francisco style Oktoberfest.
I'll be there before noon then coming back for the meetup at 6:30.
For anyone considering a Ring Jacket suit or jacket. Khaki's has appointments Monday and Tues but are equipped to handle last-minute walk ins. Lots of fabric books will be available to review, jackets and suits to try on, a nice assortment of J Lawrence pants and EG shoes. So if you have some time, come on over to Parc 55 and ask for Khaki's of Carmel. They would appreciate a quick call if you are coming up. Jim Ockert at 831-277-4975 or jimockert@yahoo.com
I'm going to mix up a Cosmopolitan. I know most feel it is a girly drink, but if you have ever had a good one it will change your mind. 1 oz Vodka, 1 oz Cranberry juice, 1/2 oz Cointreau and 1 oz fresh squeezed limes. Shake with ice. It is very rare to ever find one in a bar that is done properly. The usually screw up something especially subbing triple sec for Cointreau and or using bad limes or lime concentrate.
I suggest you contact Jim directly about the 184 fit. or with any other questions (orfor anyone else who wants to make an appointment. Jim Ockert at 831-277-4975 or jimockert@yahoo.comI do know they will have examples of each of their Ring Jacket RTW jackets and suits from their store inventory, J Lawrence pants in various sizes and fits, some Edward Green shoes and a wide assortment of fabric books for MTM options with Ring Jackets. There will be a lot to try on in...
Eight year old Bontoni's. A shoe shine service returned them in a deep cordovan color loosing all their antique look. I began by using a deglazer to remove all the polish and to take them down to pretty much the raw leather. There was a hint of color left in some areas that wanted to keep. Here they are after two treatments with deglazer and having dried for 24 hours. The next step was to dye them. I have always been a fan of British Tan with it's somewhat...
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