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The problem is, First Class shipping isn't offered an option for all countries. If you want a tie shipped to France, for example, then you can pay 5 dollars shipping, but if you want it shipped to Germany (where I live), then you have to pay 43 dollars shipping. I was going to try out one of his ties but those shipping costs made me have second thoughts.
Thanks for the feedback... yes, there's also a matching black waistcoat.
What do guys think about wearing a tuxedo / dinner jacket with (a) black highly polished cap toe oxfords, (b) covered placket white French cuff shirt and (c) black silk knots (!!) ?   Yes, yes, the proper dinner shoes, shoes, shirt, studs and cufflinks are missing. My question is not if this is really proper but (assuming the tuxedo fits well and the bow-tie is self-tied) what you would think if you saw someone wearing this combination.  
Yes, I like it. The reddish-green pattern could be perfect for a Christmas party.
If you can't feel comfortable closing the bottom button on a shirt, there's a problem.
Of course I meant "ultra" (not "ulta")
Your shirt and jacket are solid, so if you want a patterned tie, why not?
Blackbowtie: Actually, it's not adjustable, but if I tie it so the points don't stick out so far, it doesn't look as big anymore. I'll take your advice and just go ahead and wear a diamond point while not really thinking about the fact that I'm wearing one.
Do you guys think this looks good?  
Okay, so the best way to avoid this problem is just to avoid diamond point bows altogether?
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