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Yes, I like it. The reddish-green pattern could be perfect for a Christmas party.
If you can't feel comfortable closing the bottom button on a shirt, there's a problem.
Of course I meant "ultra" (not "ulta")
Your shirt and jacket are solid, so if you want a patterned tie, why not?
Blackbowtie: Actually, it's not adjustable, but if I tie it so the points don't stick out so far, it doesn't look as big anymore. I'll take your advice and just go ahead and wear a diamond point while not really thinking about the fact that I'm wearing one.
Do you guys think this looks good?  
Okay, so the best way to avoid this problem is just to avoid diamond point bows altogether?
Diamond point bow ties How does the general rule about bow ties not being wider than your collar / face apply to diamond point bows? Is it okay if the points go out further like here: http://www.stangeberlin-onlineshop.d...ce30757009.jpg ...Or in the third picture down here: http://thecordialchurchman-blog.com/...point-bow-tie/ ? I'm assuming it's fine as long as the main part of the bow not including the points is within the...
Hmmm.... amputation sounds like more than I would be up for. Toe reconstruction doesn't sound like much fun either - I'm envisioning high costs and then walking around with a cast or something for a while afterwards.... but I suppose I probably ought to consider it as it could actually be a great long-term solution, allowing me to fit into lots of RTW shoes for the rest of my life..... I'll think about it.   Has anyone here done this? If so, was it worth doing?
A quick update: I've decided to try a few different solutions suggested here and then I'll be able to see from experience which one/s work best for me.   As someone pointed out in an earlier post here, there is a little bit of a slippage problem with shoes that are way too long for the sake of my poor pinky toe. Beyond that, I think the creasing in the shoe is kind of overdone. As long as the shoes are too overly long, this works okay, but I think some of the other...
New Posts  All Forums: