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So beautiful, but unfortunately it's 2 size bigger than my size. Is it MTO or RTW shoes, where did you buy this shoes?
Thank all of you kind guys about information about EG shoe tree, since I'm living in VN, I can't go to their store to ask, so I'll email EG people or Leffot about shoe tree for my new EG monk shoes.
Hi Leaves,   Do you have any shoe tree for EG last 888?   Thanks.
Do you know where can I buy an EG shoe tree online for last 888?   Thanks.
It is very nice, I'm sorely tempted.
Mine is 46 EU :) For a trench, 48 still is nice but 54 is very big.   Hope this coat is going to be sold quickly. Good price.
Don't you have any EGs or G&Gs in 7 or 7.5 UK, do you?
It's so beautiful and that's exactly the coat I always want to have but this ones is too big for me.
Since Suit Supply has many model of their suits, could somebody please figure out how each model fit?   I only know that the Washington is the slimmest, but how about the others, such as Lazio, Napoli, Sienna, Havana etc?
  It's described as tan color on their website, it looks like medium brown (a little bit too light) when it came.   I normally wear 8D US, this ones I bought is 7UK based on last Hiro which I believe that equal to wide width. Regretably, I haven't put on this shoes so far. I'll try it today and inform you later, Sir :D
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