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His nationality is United Kingdom but now he's living and working in Vietnam. He'll return to the UK for a short time (just about a month) and then come back to Vietnam for a year. I intend to ask him to do me a favor by purchasing some shoes in the UK (then bring them back to VN) and reclaim the VAT but we are not sure if he can claim it back because of his nationality.  Could you give any suggestion about this case? Thank you.
Sorry for my question may not relate the thread, but I want to know if an UK citizen bought a shoes at price including VAT in London, then he leaved for a destination outside the EU and brought that shoes with him (new in box), would he received the deduction of VAT before leaving England?
You should post your question here:   There are some expert tailors.
I have a sportcoat bought a couple of months ago and today is the first time I wear it. Surprisingly I find out that it has no real front chest pocket to put a pocket square in. Of course it has the edge makes it look like a pocket, after suspecting, I suppose that I cannot slit inside the junction inside that "virtual" pocket because it has no "bag" inside.    I wish it can be added a real front chest pocket somehow, could you please tell me if that's possible?
I own two pairs of SL boots and two pairs of laced up shoes, I think they are good quality in general after using nearly a year, but I have a same minor issue with my two SL ( a boot and a shoe), that is the lining inside the right shoe peeled off a little bit.
Hi guys, do you have to pay for any import duty when order a Meermin and have it shipped from Spain to the US?
Do you guys know whether a pair of shoes ordered from the UK to the US will be charged by import duty or any sort of other duties or not?   Thank you.
Thank you, just one more question:   This is first time I order a pair of shoes from C&J (a shop located in UK) to the US, so do you know that whether it's subject of import duty or not? If it was charged by that duty, how many percentage on the orginal price? 
I've ordered a 7.5E C&J shoes and want to buy a pair of C&J shoes tree, but not sure which size of the trees should I purchase, 7 or 8 as they don't have 7.5 for trees.   Please help.
Very beautiful, Clapeyron.
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