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My first pair of Edward Green, I'm very satisfied with this.  
What size is it?
I'm wondering about the C&J 341 last sizing. Normally I'm 8D US so should I go down a whole size or half a size with this last?
So beautiful, but unfortunately it's 2 size bigger than my size. Is it MTO or RTW shoes, where did you buy this shoes?
Thank all of you kind guys about information about EG shoe tree, since I'm living in VN, I can't go to their store to ask, so I'll email EG people or Leffot about shoe tree for my new EG monk shoes.
Hi Leaves,   Do you have any shoe tree for EG last 888?   Thanks.
Do you know where can I buy an EG shoe tree online for last 888?   Thanks.
It is very nice, I'm sorely tempted.
Mine is 46 EU :) For a trench, 48 still is nice but 54 is very big.   Hope this coat is going to be sold quickly. Good price.
Don't you have any EGs or G&Gs in 7 or 7.5 UK, do you?
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