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What service company does Meermin use to ship their goods to the US or Asia? Can I order them to use FedEx or UPS?
Thank you, but these shoes has no ones available in tan color.
I want to pick one of those shoes for going picnic with dark blue, dark green jeans, beige khaki trousers or blue cargo trousers. I'm biassed to the red, but I'm not sure whether it matches those color of pants. Can you please help me?       Thank you for any advice.        
Very beautiful, but the inseam of size 30 pants is 41"? I have never meet 30x41 pants so far.
I live in Hanoi, I think if you don't need luxury hotel, you can stay in a hostel inside the old town of Hanoi, quite cheap and comfortable. From there, you can easily access to the traditonal central of this city and enjoy the weird and shitty lifestyle here (In Hanoi, you will meet some vendor who try to persuade you to pick up their goods, fruit, like banana, for instance, to take some pics, you may think they are friendly, but don't do this, they charge money for that...
Platoon, Hamburger Hill are about Vietnam War.
Is that store ready to deliver those C&J shoes? I heard that some C&J models are not available in stock then their customers have to wait about a few weeks, may be more than 2 months. For example, Pediwear and Shoesnorthampton said that.
Is this boots available in 8D US? For Bonafe, the size is a full size or half size down in equivalent to US sizing?
I assume that the roof is made by some type of light-weight material. It's not armoured concrete roof, isn't it?
If I'm not wrong, this pair of shoes is exactly the ones that Flimpsychicken sold about a month ago in this forum.
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