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I have bought 5 pairs of SL and 2 pair of Meermin (classic collection). I think they are equal in quality. One of my SL got cracked at the leather sole while my Meermin shoes are fine. But you can find out that many people complain about the same issue in Meermin thread and some other issues. I have only one problem with my SL shoes is that the insole is not stickedwell, it's glued on the sole but it peeled off at the edge even before wearing at the firs time and I have to...
I own both SL and Meermin shoes, I think they are the equal in term of quality but I prefer the look of SL.
Do you know any discount code available for items on Billy Reid official website?
Your shoes look incredible beautiful, Europrep.
What color of polish cream/wax are you using on C&J chesnut shoes? Medium brown or neutral?
Do you have any discount for Thanks giving or Christmas?
Could you tell me what is the type of cut of shirts size 38, slim or regular fit?   Thank you.
Thank you Chowkin,   Maybe I would visit a store of EG in Hongkong when I have a chance, I'm living in Vietnam now, quite near Hongkong you know. But here if I ordered shoes or any sort of clothes directly from England or any foreign countries, I would be charged 30% for the import duty and around 10% more for special consumption tax. These duties make the price of the shoes increase dramatically.
Thank you Sir, maybe one more question, if he places an order online to receive shoes in the UK, how could he claim back VAT? Will the VAT invoice included in the parcel shipped to his house?
Beautiful cut and fit.
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