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Surprisingly I realise that I have no black oxford or derby shoes left because I gave two black oxford pairs for my friends as gifts and now I'm going to an interview. I have only two black pairs in wardrobe but one is a Chelsea boot and the last one is a plain toe single monkstrap shoes. But I still have a few lace up shoes such as a dark brown cap toe oxford and a burgundy full brogue derby (apart from several double, single brown, tan monkstrap and brown, burgundy...
Sorry if I make you confused, I had only one plain white PS and it's gone. I buy another online but it seems stuck somewhere. I have several other PS but all are paisley, small dot etc.
Since I lost my only white pocket square and the other one might not come on time, I think I'll follow your suggestion, no square.
Could I fold a pocket square in 1 or 3 points style to go to an job interview, or I must use straight fold?   Thanks.
Firstly, I'd say my apolpgy for asking this question here. I have no chukka boot until now, so I have decided to buy one but I'm wondering between a C&J Tetbury (yes I'm influenced by Daniel Craig in 007) and EG Silverstone or G&G Arran.    Aesthetically, I prefer the EG Silverstone or G&G Arran, but I'm not sure that they're worth paying more $500 or so in comparison with the C&J Tetbury.   Hope I can have your help, erudite SF members.
Thank you, it's burnt pine.
My first pair of Edward Green, I'm very satisfied with this.  
What size is it?
I'm wondering about the C&J 341 last sizing. Normally I'm 8D US so should I go down a whole size or half a size with this last?
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