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Do you think a NEW shoes need to be treated with a layer of Saphir Dubbin Graise conditioner before applying polishing cream and wax?
I received a bunch of shoe care product from AFPoS the day before yesterday, more than 30 items.    They are all carefully packed and I'm very happy with them, AFPoS provides great services. 
I got it, very reasonable. I want a slim fit jacket because I'm small and thin, so if I picked up a 46R, I had to get it altered at back lenght, may be sleeve length also. But if I picked the 23, the jacket seems to be a little bit too baggy.
Well, these measurements I mentioned is taken from Washington and Soho sport coats measurement dimensions, so I think those waist dimensions are waist coat, not waist pan.  That's why I'm very confused why the chest and waist dimensions of the 46R (EU size) and 23 (I presume that size 23 is similar to 46S) are so different.
I still cannot understand about the different of dimension between the regular cut and short cut of SS jacket.   Here is an example, a Soho model jacket, size 46R and 24 (S), their size advisor suggest size 24 for me:   46R:   Chest:                      101.5 Waist:                         90 Sleeves length:     61.2 Back length:              74   104:   Chest:                      106.5 Waist:                         98 Sleeves length:      59.6 Back...
Yes Lexol, I have a can of Lexol and I have been using it on belts, I just want to know that if Reno can be a better alternative or not. Thank you Sir.
Sorry for a question off topic about shoe care.   Do you think the Saphir Renovateur and Dubbin Graise can be used on other leather stuffs like belt, wallet etc?
I don't like that type of sole, yes looks weird as you said and I don't think it is suitable to the dress shoes. But I believe that Carmina has made some dress boots/shoes with that rubber sole.
I have bought 5 pairs of SL and 2 pair of Meermin (classic collection). I think they are equal in quality. One of my SL got cracked at the leather sole while my Meermin shoes are fine. But you can find out that many people complain about the same issue in Meermin thread and some other issues. I have only one problem with my SL shoes is that the insole is not stickedwell, it's glued on the sole but it peeled off at the edge even before wearing at the firs time and I have to...
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