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It's a good new. When will you unleash the modified Napoli suit?
Thank you guys for your advice   I have bought the pants 32. I also think tighten it down to 30 will be a better option than the 28. I live in the Asia, so I cannot return that pants to the US.
Well, the problem is the pic is taken from internet, I must decide which size before placing order. According to the size chart: the size 28 is 29.5 inches at waist, the 32 is 33.5 inches at waist. I have measured my waist, the measurement is exactly 30 inches.
  Do you think this pants can be let out at the waist?   I usually wear 30 (have to fasten the waist a little bit) but it isn't available so I have to opt for 28 or 32, the 32 is pretty loose obviously but it can be re-cut like 30 easily. The 28 seems to be good at every measurement because I'm thin except the waist.   If this waist can be let out, I would buy the 28.
The arms still are a little bit tight?  The shoulders make you look more muscular.
I don't have any G&G shoes until today when I have two pair of boots, named Burnham and Arran. They look very beautiful as I expected, but the shoe trees included with the Burnham makes me confused. I cannot pull the trees out of the Burnham (I received my shoes with trees put in). It seems to tight that I cannot pull it out, but I believe the trees size is correspond to the shoes size. For the Arran, it is OK and I can pull the trees out of the boots quite easily as I can...
What color of Saphir shoe cream and wax polish I should use for this color of shoes?   Now I have Dark and Medium brown, Neutral, Mahogany, Hermes Red, Burgundy and Black. The neutral color is safe but I don't know if I can use another color that match the original color of this shoes.  
I think the Islay is a derby pattern and have laces, so you could size down a size. That is to say, 8.5 UK would be fine for you.
Do you think a NEW shoes need to be treated with a layer of Saphir Dubbin Graise conditioner before applying polishing cream and wax?
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