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Don't you sell RTW suit and sportcoat anymore?
My size is 7.5E (UK) in EG 888, same in C&J 348, 7E in 337 C&J, 7E (G&G Arran TG73), 7.5E (Burnham TG73). As I read on Skoak website, Simpson is sung fitting last, so maybe I should choose 7.5?
Thank you for these advices, Leaves and Don,   Yes I intended to buy the Lowndes at first as I own a few pairs of C&J shoes (satisfied with them) but I want something new, that's why Im asking for advice about Carmina and C&J (benchgrade line).   Actually, the most wanted double monk for me is the Westminster in dark oark but my fund is quite limited this season, so I have to aim to a more affordable target. After doing some research and asking for your help here, I...
Can anyone help me decide to pick a new double monk pair? Im wondering between C&J Lowndes or Carmina in Simpson last. I have not had any pair of Carmina so far although I heard a lot of good reputation about their quality.
Anyone have boots on 946 last? I ordered a pair of button boots on this last in Dec of 2014 but I cannot find any pic of 946 boots.
Is Deco the most elongated last of G&G?
I have ordered my first double breasted suit in my life. I have chosen grey chalk stripe after wondering between grey chalk stripe and navy windowpane pattern. I decide to go with a 4 seasons wool chalk stripe which is light weight cloth instead of flannel chalk stripe because I live in a tropical climate country, where the winter is not too cold (around 10 -12 degree C), . But as I did some search before, some experts in this forum said that chalk stripe work best with...
Both are very beautiful, Sir. I think I will buy the 337 for black shoes and maybe the 363 for a brown pair (calf or suede). Thank you for the photo.
Anyone can post a real life pic of 363 Lonsdale in black? Im wondering between these two last a black Oxford as I want to buy a new black Oxford. The 363 seems look good for a brown Oxford, but for a more conservative black shoes, I am not sure..?
I came across this before, but the 363 is half size bigger and from the angle of the camera, the 363 looks not as beautiul as 337. From the pictures in C&J website, 363 looks much better. I also know 363 is more elongated but I just want to know for a black cap toe Oxford, what is more suitable, in your experienced opinions.
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