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Anybody please tell me that if the Madison roomier than the Soho? I want to buy a Soho as my first double breasted jacket but size advisor told me my size is 23 which is no longer in stock. I take a look at the product dimension on their website and size 24 seems to big at the chest (107cm).
With this type of high boots above, should we put our pants hem inside the boots?
I suggest you to post your pictures here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/265924/the-tailors-thread-fit-feedback-and-alteration-suggestions
Hermes Red and Mahogany, I guess.
I don't live in the North America, I just want to ask you that all the prices on Leatherfoot are Canadian dollar?
You may want to search the official sale alert thread or something similar in this forum. Good luck.    For suit, I would buy Benjamin suit, Suit Supply or Kentwang if I were you.
It's a good new. When will you unleash the modified Napoli suit?
Thank you guys for your advice   I have bought the pants 32. I also think tighten it down to 30 will be a better option than the 28. I live in the Asia, so I cannot return that pants to the US.
Well, the problem is the pic is taken from internet, I must decide which size before placing order. According to the size chart: the size 28 is 29.5 inches at waist, the 32 is 33.5 inches at waist. I have measured my waist, the measurement is exactly 30 inches.
  Do you think this pants can be let out at the waist?   I usually wear 30 (have to fasten the waist a little bit) but it isn't available so I have to opt for 28 or 32, the 32 is pretty loose obviously but it can be re-cut like 30 easily. The 28 seems to be good at every measurement because I'm thin except the waist.   If this waist can be let out, I would buy the 28.
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