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Anyone can post a real life pic of 363 Lonsdale in black? Im wondering between these two last a black Oxford as I want to buy a new black Oxford. The 363 seems look good for a brown Oxford, but for a more conservative black shoes, I am not sure..?
I came across this before, but the 363 is half size bigger and from the angle of the camera, the 363 looks not as beautiul as 337. From the pictures in C&J website, 363 looks much better. I also know 363 is more elongated but I just want to know for a black cap toe Oxford, what is more suitable, in your experienced opinions.
I've sold every black shoes I had, now I want to buy a new black pair oxford shoes. I inteded to buy an EG Chelsea oxford, but I dont want to invest to much on a pair that I will rarely use. So I decide to go with C&J, but now wondering between the Lonsdale (last 363) or Audley (last 337). The Audley looks more classic and sober to me, but the Lonsdale is quite attractive. Please give me some advices.   Thank you and appreciate any suggestion.
Very beautiful, wish it was my size :(
I'm wondering between the Lonsdale and the Audley for my formal black oxford, the different is the last only as far as I know (363 vs 337). Can anyone please give me some suggestion?
Hi Leaves, how does the Enzo Bonafe 363 MOD round classic last compare to EG 202 or 888 last? I wear 7.5 888 of EG, should I wear 7 or 7.5 EB 363?
Any change to get Bonafe button boots in other colors in the future?
Sorry for my noob-question, I see there is an option for tie construction on Sam Hober webpage but I do not know how to choose the seven fold option for a tie? 
Can anybody please tell me about the shoulder measurements of size 42 and 44 of the Washington and Havana jacket?
Glad to hear this from an expert, I prefer Rioja as well, how does it compare to black on the Cooper?
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