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Well, I think so, too. Because it looks exactly the same as the C&J Cottesmore in appearance, but do not know what is the main differences between the two boots, may be leather quality, or sole ( I hope the F&S is Oak bark leather soles) etc.
Do you guys know why C&J's people increase the price of all of their products ( I think their price increase by at least 7%)?
I resurrect this thread because I want to ask you gentlemen that could you tell me who makes this boots (C&J or EG). If they are C&J, is it equal to C&J handgrade line? http://foster.co.uk/our-products/ready-to-wear/ankle-boots/lambourne-3/
I wouldn't go with Hugo Boss. With $400, I'd rather buy Septiemer Largeur, Meermin or Herringshoes classic. And with a little more, I could reach a Carmina :)
Very beautiful, I like this RL and EG Gresham, this RL looks more exquisite in my eyes. The price seems to be reasonable, but the size is not mine (I'm three sizes smaller :D)
I wish I owned the EG Gresham :)
The price for custom patina has increased from 50EUR to 75 EUR.
Awesome suit, but it seems to be pretty long for me because it's 36R. Could you tell me how tall you are?
RTW = Ready to wear MTM = Made to measure. OTR = ??? (custom made??)
Do you think a grey herringbone jacket can go with a brown/grey tweed trousers?
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