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If I'm not wrong, this pair of shoes is exactly the ones that Flimpsychicken sold about a month ago in this forum.
Thank you, I mean going picnic like fishing, walking on uneven and rough ground, maybe a little wet surface, I don't climb up a mountain or something like that.
Someone can tell me about the structure of this house (the roof, the column, beam etc) How can the two small column can support a large, thick roof? And what cover the surface which on the right of the last photo?
What types of shoes is more suitable for outdoor activities, grain leather or suede (both are dainite soles)?
I'm watching Jack Reacher. I love most action films in which Tom Cruise plays as principal character.
Are these Foster & Son boots's quality equivalent to the C&J Handgrade? I cannot decide to choose that F&S boots or a similar boots of Carmina: http://www.carmina.telemaco.es/articulo.asp?idarticulo=3465210
Why not a Blue birdeyes?
These shoes look beautiful in that color (like oxblood), but a little bit purplish, maybe because of the flash. Congratulations.
I'm watching Spartacus SS3: War of the damned.
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