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May I suggest this?         Mignight blue, notch lapel :P
Thank you.
I have two pairs of black oxford shoes (one is cap toe, one is wingtip without medallion), they are decent quality shoes, but not luxury you know. Now I want to replace them by a better pair, kind of AS, C&J or maybe Vass. Thus I have a question: If I had only one black pair of shoes, which should I go for: a whole cut, a cap toe or a balmoral, an wingtip with/without medallion? I intended to buy a whole cut but I think the whole cut isn't really appropriate for...
Any 36S single breasted, 2 buttons, tweed or herringbone sport coat available?
IMO, I don't like to wear cummerbund because I think it makes me look to old.
Which pocket square should I have in precedence? An white linen PS or white linen with navy/black edge PS?
Hunter, I think this jacket fit you amazingly. Could you tell me about the size of this one, and what size that you normally wear from other brands?
Excuse me, could you tell me the name of the fabric?
I guess 5'9" with a 38R of RL or BB might be a litte too long at back length and sleeve length.
The Santoni monkstrap is the first item I've bought from STF, I concede that I didn't notice the note that the shoes have extra insoles, it's my mistake. I'm very pleased with the quality and the appearance of the shoes.
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