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I'm watching Jack Reacher. I love most action films in which Tom Cruise plays as principal character.
Are these Foster & Son boots's quality equivalent to the C&J Handgrade? I cannot decide to choose that F&S boots or a similar boots of Carmina: http://www.carmina.telemaco.es/articulo.asp?idarticulo=3465210
Why not a Blue birdeyes?
These shoes look beautiful in that color (like oxblood), but a little bit purplish, maybe because of the flash. Congratulations.
I'm watching Spartacus SS3: War of the damned.
Banh my in Vietnamese means Bread in English (to write it in Vietnamese: Bánh mỳ) The traditional style of "banh my" in Viet Nam include: a small loaf of bread, butter, roast pork, Jambon/ham, some vegetable and must have pâté (not pâté de foie gras). In Hanoi city, the price for a loaf of bread like that varies from $0.5 - $1.5 The Donner Kebeb bread is adopted into Viet Nam for several years, it's Turkish style. I think they are too much onion.
Beautiful, hope it was one size down.
Well, I think so, too. Because it looks exactly the same as the C&J Cottesmore in appearance, but do not know what is the main differences between the two boots, may be leather quality, or sole ( I hope the F&S is Oak bark leather soles) etc.
Do you guys know why C&J's people increase the price of all of their products ( I think their price increase by at least 7%)?
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