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Glad to hear this from an expert, I prefer Rioja as well, how does it compare to black on the Cooper?
I going to order my first MTO G&G (also my first wholecut) in Deco range. I intend to order black color with the Cooper because I think the wholecut is most formal style, then I want this go with black. The only issue is I do not prefer black for normal days at office, I actually prefer Vintage Rioja or Espresso colors, so I want to ask whether the Rioja or Espresso will look as good as black on Cooper. If this option is okay, I may choose black for next MTO G&G such as...
Is the Havana jacket half-canvassed?
[[SPOILER]]Suitsupply or Benjamin suit. I see that they usually provide suits size 34.
Which is more formal fabric in order? birdseye, twill, houndstooth, sharkskin/pick and pick, worsted, nailhead and herringbone?
Can anybody help me: Is the Madison style slimmer than the Soho?
He might be not a English native speaker, like me, although I know he has at least a house in the US and we communicate by English. He may confuse "stiffer" for "thicker". But I really doubt about a half canvas suit could drape and fit better than a full canvas suit.   Thank you guys for making it clear to me.
A tailor tell me that a full canvass suit is stiffer than half canvass. He also said that half canvass suit is much better fit and drape. How true is it?
Hello Kent Wang,   Is this jacket full or half canvassed? http://www.kentwang.com/suits/wool-plaid-blue-jacket.html   How about the other jackets?   Thanks.
Is it appropriate to wear a beige/white linen pants/shorts with navy tassel loafers?
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