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Sorry for my noob-question, I see there is an option for tie construction on Sam Hober webpage but I do not know how to choose the seven fold option for a tie? 
Can anybody please tell me about the shoulder measurements of size 42 and 44 of the Washington and Havana jacket?
Glad to hear this from an expert, I prefer Rioja as well, how does it compare to black on the Cooper?
I going to order my first MTO G&G (also my first wholecut) in Deco range. I intend to order black color with the Cooper because I think the wholecut is most formal style, then I want this go with black. The only issue is I do not prefer black for normal days at office, I actually prefer Vintage Rioja or Espresso colors, so I want to ask whether the Rioja or Espresso will look as good as black on Cooper. If this option is okay, I may choose black for next MTO G&G such as...
Is the Havana jacket half-canvassed?
[[SPOILER]]Suitsupply or Benjamin suit. I see that they usually provide suits size 34.
Which is more formal fabric in order? birdseye, twill, houndstooth, sharkskin/pick and pick, worsted, nailhead and herringbone?
Can anybody help me: Is the Madison style slimmer than the Soho?
He might be not a English native speaker, like me, although I know he has at least a house in the US and we communicate by English. He may confuse "stiffer" for "thicker". But I really doubt about a half canvas suit could drape and fit better than a full canvas suit.   Thank you guys for making it clear to me.
A tailor tell me that a full canvass suit is stiffer than half canvass. He also said that half canvass suit is much better fit and drape. How true is it?
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