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I plan to order a new sharkskin gray suit with Neapolitan cut (spalla camicia, 3 roll 2 buttons, barchetta etc) but I am wondering between two hip flap pockets and a ticket pocket or two patch pockets.    Can you give me some advices?   Thanks.
Can anyone please post some photos of EB boots/shoes on 06 last?   I want to order another pair of button boots of EB via Skoak but Im wondering between 062, 74945 and 2102B.
My EB plum MC boots get creasing exactly like yours and it happened immediately after I put my feet inside the boots. I also feel that EB MC is thinner than other regular calf, I don't have any regular calf of EB. Next time I will try EB regular calf and avoid MC. This is the first time I try MC and the result is not as I expected. May I ask what last are these boots based on?Is EB regular calf not get creased as the similar way to its MC?
Don't you sell RTW suit and sportcoat anymore?
My size is 7.5E (UK) in EG 888, same in C&J 348, 7E in 337 C&J, 7E (G&G Arran TG73), 7.5E (Burnham TG73). As I read on Skoak website, Simpson is sung fitting last, so maybe I should choose 7.5?
Thank you for these advices, Leaves and Don,   Yes I intended to buy the Lowndes at first as I own a few pairs of C&J shoes (satisfied with them) but I want something new, that's why Im asking for advice about Carmina and C&J (benchgrade line).   Actually, the most wanted double monk for me is the Westminster in dark oark but my fund is quite limited this season, so I have to aim to a more affordable target. After doing some research and asking for your help here, I...
Can anyone help me decide to pick a new double monk pair? Im wondering between C&J Lowndes or Carmina in Simpson last. I have not had any pair of Carmina so far although I heard a lot of good reputation about their quality.
Anyone have boots on 946 last? I ordered a pair of button boots on this last in Dec of 2014 but I cannot find any pic of 946 boots.
Is Deco the most elongated last of G&G?
I have ordered my first double breasted suit in my life. I have chosen grey chalk stripe after wondering between grey chalk stripe and navy windowpane pattern. I decide to go with a 4 seasons wool chalk stripe which is light weight cloth instead of flannel chalk stripe because I live in a tropical climate country, where the winter is not too cold (around 10 -12 degree C), . But as I did some search before, some experts in this forum said that chalk stripe work best with...
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