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Do you think the opening patch pocket position is off or right? I thought it should be on a par with the bottom button of the jacket.
Very beautiful Sir. Is it a gold museum calf Italian oxford? I intend to order my first pair of Vass like that model.
Here they say on Saint Crispin's webpage: WashingWash your shoes four times a year with water and saddle soap and every time they havebecome wet or abnormally dirty. In order to do this, insert the shoe trees into the shoe, usethe moistened household sponge to take some saddle soap from the tin, squeeze the spongea number of times until a lather appears and then rub the shoe vigorously. Neither the edgeof the sole nor the sole itself should escape this treatment. Now,...
Can you guys please give me the Saint Crispin's color code?
Can you guys please enlighten me what is the better of those type of leather: VNA, CRU and the characters of each type? Are VNA and BUF the same term for one type of leather?   Thanks a lot. 
Thank ThunderMarch ( I was born in March)   I know every leather creases and I don't bother about it but my EB museum calf creases way too much and I heard that someone on this forum told that Vass mc has less much creases than EB mc.   Anyway, your shoes doesn't look like regular calf more than museum calf although they are mc.
Can anyone post pics of Vass used museum calf shoes? I want to see how it creases after wearing and if it looks like the way Enzo Bonafe museum calf creases.   Thanks.
May I ask which color of Saphir cream/wax for Dark Oak color? I'm considering about light and medium brown.
For high instep shoes like EB, do you think would these insoles help? Link:
Which one should I choose for my black Bal boots: C&J Sommerville Carmina: Enzo Bonafe Out of these, the Canteburry should be the best choice but they are out of budget.
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