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May I ask which color of Saphir cream/wax for Dark Oak color? I'm considering about light and medium brown.
For high instep shoes like EB, do you think would these insoles help? Link: http://www.afinepairofshoes.co.uk/collections/insoles
Which one should I choose for my black Bal boots: C&J Sommerville Carmina: Enzo Bonafe Out of these, the Canteburry should be the best choice but they are out of budget.
May I ask why the price in the US store on the website is higher than international site's price when I browse the website from outside the EU?
Thank you Sir, you are right that I am searching for new DM. While searching for it, I ended up buying some new boots, loafers and oxfords but no new monk. Now I should not go off the line and got distracted by other styles.
Im thinking of Lowndes or Westminster, depend on if they use leather for both buckles or not because I don't like the fabric cloth that hold the rear buckle.
Thank you Sir, Do they use leather for both buckles?
May I ask what is used to connect the rear buckle (near the heel) to the monkstrap shoes, ie Westminster?   My Meermin uses a piece of leather to connect the fore buckle (near the vamp) to the shoes and a piece of fabric (kind of elastic or something like that, sorry I don't know the exact name of it) for the rear buckle and now it is torn out.    I search around C&J Lowndes, Carmina and John Lobb William monkstrap shoes and I think they have a same piece of cloth to...
Thank Leaves. I wear size 7E on 946 last and it fits me quite well so could you suggest which size should I wear for 74945 or 804?  Moreover, could you tell me which last used for EB button boots made for Leffot? I read somewhere on this topic that it is 062 or 2102B but it seems that it still is not clear. I would appreciate if you could give me some examples about 062 last.
Which kind of leather for shaft for button boots do you prefer, llama or peccary?
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