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Agreed. They look very feminine to my eyes.
I wiped my down with a damp microfiber and a light brushing and here they are today.  The darker toe cap has become more pronounced as they age.  I call it character.      
I think your 721s look wicked good.  Mine are wearing like iron.  Twelve hour days, standing for hours, tons of walking, bars, etc. and they actually look better than when I took them out of the box.  I don't want to abuse them but I would like to see some wear develop.  Good pics and thanks for letting me see what they look like.  I had almost given up on you posting pictures of them.  Keep em coming.
Here are a couple of pictures of mine after wearing them for nearly a month. I love these boots.  I plan on doing little in the way of brushing and polish from here on out.  I prefer a more worn look and will see what develops.    
My pair are not like that.  I kinda wish they were though, that is pretty sweet looking.
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They had an almost dry appearance and not a deep rich cherry/mahogany color that I have seen on sites like Leffot and Unionmade.  I brushed them on and off for a few days before any products were applied but it did little good.  I would really like to see some pictures of the boots with some age on them.   After speaking with the Wolverine 721 specialist about the shoes I was told that there would be another cordovan limited edition 1000 mile boot coming within a few...
I just picked up a couple pairs of shoes recently and they are just back from the cobbler from having half soles applied.  I opted to put a thinner sole protector on the 721s and a more aggressive Vibram Raptor half sole on the Chromexcel 1000 Mile boots.   I aquired one of the last 2 pairs of size 10 721s from Wolverine and couldn't be happier with the quality.  I have never even considered posting about shoes but these boots are damn impressive.  Here they are...
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