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Wanting to buy a Band Collar Double Rider in size 46/48, will consider other double riders
Will pay a decent price, depending on condition
Where can I find a herringbone peacoat like this one?  
When can I expect Unionmade to have a sale?
The 30% and 20% ********* codes don't stack
I just received my brown's today and there's a noticeable raised line/crease in both toe boxes, I assume from a stretching step in the manufacturing process. I think it's very unsightly and I'm worried it'll affect the way my boots age. (They're not factory seconds). I haven't worn them yet, do you guys think Wolverine will replace these?      
Why is this thread necessary in addition to the regular sale alert thread. Now alerts are just dispersed between the two threads
Free shipping for styleforum!   Brand new and completely unworn (you can tell as there's no creases whatsoever or scuffs on the sole). Here they are: http://oakstreetbootmakers.com/footwear/natural-trench-boot I bought these a while ago on Massdrop, and they've been sitting in my closet for a while, and now I've decided they're too nice for me. You'll be saving $26+taxes on $426. The 9.5's are also currently 6 weeks out on the site I will ship from the original...
Free shipping for styleforum!   Just like this one (in Black):  http://arcteryx.com/Product.aspx?gender=mens&model=Zeta-AR-Jacket&language=EN Brand new with tags, unworn. My friend works for Arcteryx and got this for me at a discounted price. It doesn't fit me so I'm just trying to recover what I paid for it. Retails for $425 So that there are no surprises, the bar code on the tag is cut off (see pic). Arcteryx does this with employee sales to prevent resale.
FYI: ebay posting http://www.ebay.com/itm/161273271026?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
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