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Sorry if this is obvious or I missed it: Do the olive reverse sateen fabric fatigue pants fit like the slimmer mainline ones from the last summer season, or like the roomy Workaday fatigues. I can't tell from the pictures. Also, has anyone tried on the Bal coat yet? I tried the summer one from a couple of seasons ago but didn't buy because it fit like a tent, a look I couldn't pull off.
I wouldn't waste my time - it seems EG has crossed over into Fairy Boy territory. Maybe because it has an Asian designer or because if all the loud patterns and prints smaller men use for attention?
  It is in stock at EG Aoyama, where I bought it this week. The fabric is quite technical feeling and looking, and no comical pocket placements either, which is a welcome change for me. I think it's a worthy successor to the Bird Shooter. Like that one, it is a little longer in the body so it works for taller guys as well.  The reason that it isn't available much yet is because it was actually just shipped out from production and the EG shops in NY and Tokyo got the first...
That's definitely steep. Where did you get that price?
Oops. I am sorry for that. I think your nick name made me jump to the conclusion you were a woman who was into the EG men's line. It wasn't my intention to insult you.   I won't argue about style with you. I simply live in a completely different universe, style-wise, so let's just agree it's great that EG is versatile enough that we both can wear that jacket 
Well, it works for women of course.
I would be surprised if it had that. The old versions didn't.
It was on the old versions of the Field Jacket. But I am not holding my breath right now, because it looks like this one might be on the shorter side. I'm only 6'1" but many of EG's jackets are just ridiculously short, not a flattering look. Maybe it works if you do the "untucked shirt showing under a short jacket" thing, which I don't. Well, time to go to Aoyama I guess.
I went to the Aoyama EG store today. They had their first shipment in, a couple of work and tab collar shirts, the new mainline Fatigue pants in high count sateen, etc. Didn't end up buying anything (yet), as the pieces I'm looking for will arrive later. The materials used this season are different, more technical and more synthetics used than ever before. The Popover sizing is like last season, a bit slim but not enough to size up imho.
Hey    you are right, in theory because dark brown cxl chukkas are not available to buy until end of 2013 when LS gets their next delivery in. Or are they? I think I'll try dark brown polish and settle with the result. 
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