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  Charcoal bomber
  Geller Geller Zam Barrett Margiela
Wow, was trying to decide between rust vs. grey when the rust essentially sold out in all sizes. At least it made the choice much simpler.
Sorry if this has been asked before, are you guys able to mark down the value of items? Customs add so much additional fees in New Zealand.
  Geller Margiela
The new t-shirts are shorter and boxier as previously mentioned, have a narrower neck line and is rayon/cotton instead of acrylic/cotton. I went with the same size, still fit well. Went with my standard jean size for RG01 and it slightly less fitted than I would have liked.
Hi,   For sale is a TOJ 4 zip MDR in black.   Gun metal zips, lamb, bemberg lining.   Basically a 46, slightly modified - measurements as below.   Worn less than 10 times and kept in good condition 9/10.   Paid $810, and more than 6 months wait. Don't wear enough to justify keeping. Asking for $700, shipping from NZ - we split tracked shipping.    shoulders 17.0" chest...
 From aegis? Is it new season/I wonder if it will go on sale
It was about this time last year
yes it's the same as the metropolis tees
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