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Hey guys, I am looking to buy a pair of Balenciaga waxed denim and wanted to know if anyone could help me out with sizing and comment on the fit. I wear a 32 in raw APC and between a 32 and 33 in most bottoms. I am not looking for them to be skin tight, so I had my eye on a pair of size 34 balenciaga's, but I am not sure if they will be too big. Any help is would be great! Thanks in Advance. Paul
Hey guys,    I am looking to buy a pair of Balenciaga waxed denim in size 32, 33, or 34 in any condition. Please let me know if you are looking to sell. 
Hey guys, I am looking to buy a denim Balmain shirt and before I purchase it, I want to be sure it is authentic. See attached picture of the tag Any help is appreciated. [IMG][IMG]
I am looking for a pair of RRL Slim Fit White jeans in a size 32,33 or 34 waist...any will do. See picture for reference. Please contact me if you have a pair and are looking to sell.     
I am interested in these pants. Check your PM 
What type of material and size is the first patterned shirt in picture 1? Is that a black shirt in the 4th picture that has a pleated bib (tuxedo style)?    Thanks
Thanks for the response. The first site looked awesome, but the owner is not taking orders until July 4th.Do you know if equusleathers ships to the US? And is it pricey to ship?
Hey guys,   I recently purchased the Allen Edmonds Sanford (see picture) and have been on the hunt for a great leather belt to match the same great cognac color that would suitable to wear with a suit to work. I have really been coming up short and wanted to know if you guys had any pointers for where to look.      Thanks in Advance, Paul
how much are you looking for if I were to only buy one? $250 each?
Have you checked out BillyKrik? I hear they make great belts that wear in beautifully.
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