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lol thanks man, I've really gotten out of having really high end gear because with the type of work and traveling I do I cant justify busting stuff like this out 10-15 times a year. Plus it's such an absolute all time classic of a jacket I want It going onto someone who would actually wear it and bring out the patina hiding in it. It's like when I see someone with a huge collection of amazing cars; I get just owning them is neat, but selling them to someone who would...
No it has not, ebay has an older non-FIL grey/white colorway that one is wool on the body, also its not the same Italian leather. Plus the ebay one has "wear/yellowing of the sleeves", yuck. On top of all that its a much more common Medium.So do a little research before coming in my thread and bashing it. 
Hey guys, Got a code for $500 credit on Amazon.com for Christmas, don't need it. Thanks for looking!
Hey guys, Interest check for new Redmoon wallet with matching Redmoon Reign. Same one as this http://blueingreenso...emart&Itemid=62 but with redmoon reign. Looking for $510 shipped to the USA. International buyers welcome but shipping will be a bit more. Hit me up for pictures. Thanks
Lol this Tryhard has obviously never handled the materials visvim uses for their jackets. It is peerless.
Does anyone else think that alot of these are just showing a really nice peice or two but not really originally or cleverly put together outfits?
just get them all blue suede!
For sure. I guess it depends on what you mean by 'durable'. Also it's all about application. I would get a reign in kangaroo not bison and I would get some gloves in calf or sheep not shark, ya know? I just took issue with you saying that CXL has about everything beat as far as durability which is absolutely absurd. Don't get me wrong I dig on CXL, I just think its a poor boot leather if you are trying to make some really really hard wearing boots.
^ Ummm Shell, Kangaroo, pig, bison, elephant, ostrich, shark, lizard and about a million others are all tougher... I can testify personally to the durability boot-wise, but in all honesty you arent gonna be touring on a bike for a few years or discovering ruins in the Amazon or anything so they should be a damn fine boot for normal wear.
Hey guys, Shipped from Usa. Willing to ship worldwide. Paypal is preffered Ask for more pics or references ect. I've sold on superfuture, bapetalk 1 +2, ebay and others. EMail- [email=""]Addahn@hotmail.com[/email]   ------- Alot quicker to get ahold of me than PM. http://i121.photobucket.com/albums/o204/bbcapone/CIMG2782.jpg Canoe Moc Folk  (F.I.L. exclusive) Size 10 9/10 condition    only wear is on sole,...
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