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EG's workaday label also has a lovely range of denim plus a few options with washes if you're into that. Price wise they're affordable too and the quality is amazing.
Beautiful collection and beautiful Drinkwaters buy! Ground pant looks incredible.
Been a while since I posted -- everyone's looking great as usual. Nice to see posts from longer time members too. Type 5 jkt indigo dungaree (ss15) Baker jkt navy polka dot (ss14) Tshirt White 'hibiscus' (ss15) Ghurka short navy dolphin (ss15) New England Outwewear x EG 2 eye boat shoe white
Yet again a stunning collection. Just lovely, bright and refreshing. The complete opposite of SS15.
^ I own an over parka from aw/14 and I went true to size. The fit was perfect. There's a zip at the back that goes up quite high to loosen things up more and make it easier to take off.
^ Lovely styles from everyone! Keep on posting all of you. Man of Kent you never disappoint :)   TF black floral jacq Round collar big plaid black Tie floral flannel black Lt parka grey BDU Trickers x EG split toe boot   This plus the look i posted a little while back were the 2 silhouettes I wanted to try and pull off. Oh and regards to @eluther for the footwear recommendation.  
Cheers, will do and thank you.
^ such wonderful fits from all of you. First to post FW15 I suppose Banded collar coverall indigo Work shirt indigo Painter pant indigo Combi vest navy sweater Navy nyco shoulder hood
@ManofKent it's a lovely fabric, and the print is great. It's been a fan favourite and based on your fit pics, you will definitely make that vest work
That black navy stripe dexter jacket looks wonderful and definitely on my radar (hint Gary + this winter collection is just delightful
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