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Been a while since I posted -- everyone's looking great as usual. Nice to see posts from longer time members too. Type 5 jkt indigo dungaree (ss15) Baker jkt navy polka dot (ss14) Tshirt White 'hibiscus' (ss15) Ghurka short navy dolphin (ss15) New England Outwewear x EG 2 eye boat shoe white
Yet again a stunning collection. Just lovely, bright and refreshing. The complete opposite of SS15.
^ I own an over parka from aw/14 and I went true to size. The fit was perfect. There's a zip at the back that goes up quite high to loosen things up more and make it easier to take off.
^ Lovely styles from everyone! Keep on posting all of you. Man of Kent you never disappoint :)   TF black floral jacq Round collar big plaid black Tie floral flannel black Lt parka grey BDU Trickers x EG split toe boot   This plus the look i posted a little while back were the 2 silhouettes I wanted to try and pull off. Oh and regards to @eluther for the footwear recommendation.  
Cheers, will do and thank you.
^ such wonderful fits from all of you. First to post FW15 I suppose Banded collar coverall indigo Work shirt indigo Painter pant indigo Combi vest navy sweater Navy nyco shoulder hood
@ManofKent it's a lovely fabric, and the print is great. It's been a fan favourite and based on your fit pics, you will definitely make that vest work
That black navy stripe dexter jacket looks wonderful and definitely on my radar (hint Gary + this winter collection is just delightful
^ Lovely mate. Simply lovely. Aviator khaki CL floral Combi-suit olive Fishing vest khaki Arrow + Nepenthes blucher in brown (I've been hammering these)
^ those look great Few looks I've been wearing over the past few weeks (in an attempt to post more) Probably my biggest submission so I apologise for the breadth of this post... Aviator olive iridescent (SS14) Camp shirt navy multi patchwork Ghurka brown floral canvas Navy red bandana print scarf (S12) Arrow ring blucher slipon for NepNY Short coverall indigo railroad stripe Long bush shirt blue chambray Navy red bandana print scarf (S12) Balloon pant navy...
New Posts  All Forums: