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 Gary this is wonderful, you should be proud! It is great to see the shoot incorporated your EG inventory from previous seasons as well. A testament to EG's timelessness. Also, as Mike said the whole 'no rules' approach to how its worn. Exciting!
   Thanks fellas  I'll try and post a little more often haha. I received some goodies from Gary recently which I'll post up soon.Mike you're always looking sharp mate and Dockers the workaday gear rocks. I'd love a pair of those 41 Khakis for myself too.
@Dino19 I'd go true to size mate. It's fully adjustable if you wish for a more structured fit.
@eluther @fycus great guess mate these are Yuketens
I love coming back to this thread after a long time and seeing the looks pile up. It's always exciting as well as seeing entries from some of the longer standing members of the forum too.   Straight out of the look book (guilty as charged) but simply too good to resist.  
I'd wear it to work, I will wear it to work, as ive acquired most of those, thankfully im not in the accounts industry. Edit: @eskamobob1 youre welcome mate, the suede patches and throat tab were the giveaway...
^ Norfolk jacket in olive corduroy
Finally receiving my Floral Beford from Gary, among a host of other FW14 items [fingers crossed this week] which im pumped about so i'll report back one theyre in with a pic for the 'How you roll' thread.   I've also copped the Angler jacket which ive been waiting for since the FW14 started. In short it's a much more interesting version of the Expedition jacket with panel that completely comes off.   Finally I received the latest Brutus magazine with a 6 page feature...
Long Dayton with indigo denim and new balance may work a treat for you...You'll need something over it as the long Dayton shirt (to me) is a mid layer piece rather than an Outwewear piece -- hence a jacket or an over vest (hooded down, primaloft liner, over vest, upland etc...)With what (I think) you have:Bedford brown homespunLong Dayton shirt eggshell tattersallHooded Interliner brown orange sweater knitShooting pant khaki 8oz canvas OR Huntsman pant same fabricBrown...
Awesome I'm all for the loose fit, did you say there's extra room still even if you went true to size? I may actually size down if that's the case...where did you pick up your waders from? Did you hit up Nepenthes for them?
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