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@ManofKent @mbaum El QUaG   Thanks as always boys, i appreciate it :) I'm finally going to purchase a homespun Bedford from Gary soon, so I'll probably post a (now seemingly mandatory) Bedford Homespun style pic soon.   MOK that look with the Lafayette pant is lovely. I always wanted those but sadly missed out, they're a nice pant to own.
@ManofKent that look with the homespun bedford is lovely!   Finally got a chance to post another pic, probably the most extreme that I'll ever wear it, but i can always pare it back :   Deer striker navy cord 8Wale Bedford dark navy red floral jacquard Spread collar shirt red purple gun club twill Combi vest dark navy sweater knit Tux pant dark navy geometric jacquard Oak Street bootmakers Customised mismatched ripple sole trail oxford    
Looks terrific man!   I don't think there are any style guides per se, the hooded long bush shirt can be dressed up and down – the example beneath is styled by Daiki himself for Brutus magazine and shows a button down shirt underneath the bush shirt, with a jacket and vest over it for added layering – in case you wish to go that far.  
 Gary this is wonderful, you should be proud! It is great to see the shoot incorporated your EG inventory from previous seasons as well. A testament to EG's timelessness. Also, as Mike said the whole 'no rules' approach to how its worn. Exciting!
   Thanks fellas  I'll try and post a little more often haha. I received some goodies from Gary recently which I'll post up soon.Mike you're always looking sharp mate and Dockers the workaday gear rocks. I'd love a pair of those 41 Khakis for myself too.
@Dino19 I'd go true to size mate. It's fully adjustable if you wish for a more structured fit.
@eluther @fycus great guess mate these are Yuketens
I love coming back to this thread after a long time and seeing the looks pile up. It's always exciting as well as seeing entries from some of the longer standing members of the forum too.   Straight out of the look book (guilty as charged) but simply too good to resist.  
I'd wear it to work, I will wear it to work, as ive acquired most of those, thankfully im not in the accounts industry. Edit: @eskamobob1 youre welcome mate, the suede patches and throat tab were the giveaway...
^ Norfolk jacket in olive corduroy
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