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^ Yep that's it! Those are the 3. Drove me mad trying to decide which to choose. In the end it was the red part that got me. Nice find Mike
Thanks Mike! I will do. I'm getting a few more things soon so I'll post again.The print on my Ghurka shorts is the Red/Olive woodblock print. This was the Nepethes exclusive... I also had my eye on the crest prints but they weren't on Ghurka shorts. The olive crest print looks quite amazing on the Baker jacket.
^ The floral Nehru suit looks great! Explorer khaki weather poplin Rounded collar navy/khaki stripe / white combo Tie khaki Paisley indian print Ghurka red/olive woodblock print Alden suede Tassel loafer
Yes, I have that very piece in that fabric too. The fabric is cotton linen, light, and a little sturdy. The colour is amazing as you can see. It's shades of khaki, brown, tan, hint of olive and very delicate. The vest itself is a great layering piece -- goes with any jacket and any colour really.
PM sent
Such lovely looks. Please keep right on posting I guess it's my turn. Enfield | Ripstop | olive Banded col | tan end on end Scrimmage vest | khaki | olive reversed Ghurka short | navy Paisley | SS13 Arrow | O-ring moc | brown
   Agreed, that paisley round collar is lovely. I want the combi-suit in that fabric or a dayton shirt // ghurka short combo with the BDU shirt or Type 51 parka to top it off... Mike, they wouldn't be any slimmer then a cinch mate, maybe just as slim? But they're much more tapered...
^ lovely. Always loved that psychedelic print. I managed to find a little time and a little luck with the weather to post another fit pic. Mind you I won't get to wear this stuff till may/June next year at the earliest. Overparka / dark navy geometric Bask shirt / olive navy floral jacquard Long beanie / Dk navy sweater knit Shooting pant / Dk navy red floral jacquard Oak Street bootmakers / custom trail Oxford mismatch / brown black natural Taken a few more pics but...
No problems, I'm lucky enough to have received a lookbook, but for the colours / fabrics etc why Steven and Gary from Drinkwaters of course
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