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Some lovely looks being posted. I love this thread. As most of you are all working on your tans it's winter over here so here's a couple of EG cladded pictures. Coleman jacket indigo denim Long bush shirt red navy heavy twill plaid Hooded down vest olive PC gaberdine DS scarf grey paisley / glen plaid USN pant khaki cotton whipcord Nepenthes socks brown orange melange Birkenstock taupe suede Boston rough out Deck jacket navy nyco ripstop Hooded dickie grey jersey...
About to purchase fall winter 14 items real soon -- the floral Bedford from Gary, a combi-vest, tux pant, spread collar shirt, double sided pocket square and (fingers crossed) the deerstalker. Watch the how you roll thread space for pictures... Alex the pants you're liking are Truman pants in a 8w cord
You should also look into the EG workaday range -- fatigues, 41 khakis, denim and even their cord pants. That shirt would look amazing with a pair of olive fatigues or even the olive/grey combination fatigues. Speak to Gary or refer to the Bureau for visual references.
The bask top is quite simply a long sleeve crew neck with a single chest pocket on the left hand side.
^ If you're referring to the dark olive flannel, then it will probably be the Andover jacket, as it is most often paired with the cinch pant.
I agree. The matt pant was by far engineered garments' slimmest cut trouser. The equivalent to that for this season is the highland pant with exaggerated, baggy pockets. It may fit just a little wider than the matt pant.
@mike that lovely piece is called the combi-vest and when flipped upside down can be worn the other way. I probably will get it. You know me too well mate. I too will be placing an order soon (Gary) heads up Also FYI http://engineeredgarments.jp/?eid=622
Love the apron Mike! nicely done! It's elegant, yet interesting – how it should be!
As most of you are enjoying the spring summer it's winter here -- finally making most of this awesome weather. Coverall jacket brown duck canvas / Miner shirt grey-navy heavy twill plaid / Quilted tailor vest olive tropical printed microfiber / shoulder hoody navy nyco ripstop / USN pant indigo denim 14oz / Nepenthes melange knit sock olive / Birkenstock Boston taupe suede
@Dino I'd go true to size mate, I too have that vest and I love wearing it outside moreso than inside, but it fits nicely underneath your jackets. It only has one button so if you're after more of a waistcoat I'd avoid the shooting vest.
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