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 Hi Gary, nothing technically special, I was carrying 2 x Rotring Isograph pens (burgundy barrels) part of a gift set my dad gave me when i graduated high school -- so they go back a while :). A 0.2 tip, the other a 0.7.  I also carry miniature grid pads (for sketching logos, layouts etc...) but they're not shown in this visual. I wish i could say i had the the 600 series though... those are gems...
I fear this thread is starting to slow down again - did that remark about handsome men in handsome clothes scare everyone? Anyway... Nail Apron (8oz) / work shirt (6oz) / painter pant (8oz) / all in indigo denim / bow tie in navy printed foulard / pocket square in blue chambray patchwork / glasses are Oliver Peoples vintage / trickers
 I believe that is the Duster [new trench] in a madras plaid. It's pretty much a shirt, that's how light it is...
Yeah sure, I've purchased a couple pieces and waiting for them to arrive and a couple of members have asked for pics of other things too so I'll upload them at the same time.
I'm with you mate, the cinch pant in the navy batik is amazing, I faced the same dilemma between that and the navy printed foulard -- so I chose the batik, I was after something more 'subtle' and you'll be surprised just how versatile it is! Enjoy!Also I managed to get my hands on a Camelia corsage too. It's a collaboration between Land by Land and Engineered Garments they're so well made and come in a bunch of denim fabrics, polka dots and grey oxford cotton. They're a...
Yeah i got 2 of them! i have the indigo one which ive been wearing a lot at work lately and have the heather grey oxford cotton one heading my way too. I'll try to take some how you roll pics soon. They've got more value than the tabliers to be honest, but to each his own :)
So good seeing people post style pics and fit pics. @soqueriaterum I think your Bedford fits well if that's your true to size and if the sleeves are rolled up then you're good to go! Here's a pic I've had taken recently: Ghurka short turquoise bird tree print Work shirt indigo denim shirting Neck tie blue white red black oxford stripe Bedford jacket khaki cotton piqué (SS13) Pocket square by The Hillside Belt by Anderson's White leather slip on FEIT
I just got my hands a handful of things recently -- namely the knit jacket in navy grey wave cotton jacquard. The fit is amazing -- think of it as a lightweight sweater but with the cut of a sports coat. The cotton jacquard has a nice weight on it perfect for cool mornings and warmer noons. So if anyone's after a jacket that's very unstructured, relaxed fitting but has the cut of a sports coat -- I highly recommend this piece. Great for layering too.
I checked up on that myself man, looks like the only bottom is a Cambridge short – unless Japan do some unique exclusive which is not an uncommon.
Cheers Dino if you have any other Qs feel free to pm.Shingles I may be wrong when I say this but both types have their own functional strengths -- the iridescent one appears quite technical, everyday and will keep you dry from the odd shower. Where as the cotton jacquard will keep you warmer during an icy, windy chill and fits in line moreso with the 1968 theme.If you're after something to keep you dry I'd go for the iridescent ponchos. Enjoy mate.
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