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 Personally, I would prefer something more on the dressy side, but either of them really.
Blazers look terrific! I really hope you offer different lengths in the next batch of blazers. I would've purchased at least two had they been a bit shorter.   Any plans for releasing Chambray shirts in the next couple of months? A fabric similar to Blue Garrison plus the updated collar would be fantastic!
Hi there. What size is the top strap?
Please let me know if you have this jacket and are willing to part with it.   Thanks in advance!
Title says it all. Please message me if you have one and are looking to sell it.   Thanks
Is the bow tie pre-tied? I can't tell from the photo.   Thanks.
PM Sent for Superga shoes.
Looking at the photo, seems that the second lens is Sony 16mm f2.8.
PM sent.
Hello gentlemen!   For your attention is a pair of Boss Orange sneakers. I bought these new around 2 years ago, wore them exactly once and decided they didn't fit my style. They've been sitting on my closet ever since.   Top of the shoe is canvas and suede with leather trim and it has a rubber sole. Insoles are padded.   Let me know if you need more photos, measurements or any additional info.     Thank you for looking.
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