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Width and length of the midnight blue Hober? Thanks.
I have the Navy Fina and IMO, it's a couple of shades lighter than what I would call navy. If in doubt, go for Midnight Fina/Picolla.
I received my three new shirts (14.5 slim) today and unfortunately have to say I'm very disappointed with my order. While fabrics are great and craftsmanship flawless, size wise they look nothing like the other S&M shirts I've purchased before. Sleeves are about 5/8 inch longer, chest looks larger and at bicep they are roomier and not slimmer!  Rick, what changes have you made on 14.5 Slim?
 Two months ago, I had one tie shipped to Toronto using standard shipping and didn't get hit with anything. I'd stay away from DHL as much as possible. Last week, I paid $64 for duties and taxes for a pair of shoes I'd bought for 170.
Looking to sell this glen plaid silk-linen blazer from J Crew in size 36S. Purchased last summer and has been tried on exactly twice (once at the store, once at home).  I love everything about it except, unfortunately, it's too long for my taste. Retailed for $448. Looking to get $160 shipped to CONUS/Canada OBO. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions. Here are the details from J Crew (website link: https://goo.gl/5B4GHC): This version of the Ludlow sportcoat is...
Brand New without Tags. Bought this last month but unfortunately it's too long for me. The tie's never been worn. - Pure Italian silk pique  - Length is 58"  - Width is 2¼"  - Made in Italy   Asking $45 (PayPal gifted) shipped to US/Canada.  Please let me know if you have any questions.
  Just wanted to post an update. Josh got in touch with me last night and offered to send me a new pair. I'm very pleased about how quickly he dealt with the issue. Thank you, @joshgustin.
 To be fair, the leg twist didn't exist when I first got the pants. It appeared after a couple of wears. And I hadn't noticed the belt loop issue until I wanted to wear a OCBD with my jeans and wore a belt. I haven't worn them since.  Good eye. I just checked again and you're right. I don't what may have caused this but the top block seems to be twisted to one side. Do you know if Josh checks this thread? I don't want to continue my correspondence with Gustin's customer...
Has anyone here had problems with Gustin's quality control?   Upon receiving my #7 Regulars, I noticed the placement of belt loops was off.       I emailed Gustin about this (attached 3 photos from different angles) and asked for an exchange but they replied they didn't see anything wrong with the jeans. It took a couple of back and forth emails for them to acknowledge "the bar tack is slightly offset" and that it was "not enough to be worried about how the pair...
 Personally, I would prefer something more on the dressy side, but either of them really.
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