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Or 36...would've taken both.
Fabric is 340 g/M which is lighter than what I expected. But it's fully lined, so will have wait until it arrives...
 They do. I emailed them after placing my last order (10/4/2016) and received the response below. "Yes, we can ship using National Spanish Post (CORREOS) if you like. This service is much slower (Up to 30 days from our experience) & unsafe compared to UPS; FeEx or DHL, but if you prefer we can ship it via National Post." It did take a about three weeks for me to receive the shoes, but didn't have to pay anything extra.
 @Kent Wang, any plans for offering different lengths OTR? Would love to purchase one of these in 36S.
 I contacted SS customer service and inquired about the fabric weight. Will report when I hear back from them.
@nqtri I would say, while still slim, it's a bit more relaxed in chest and waist compared to Ludlow.
I was able to find the gentleman in the photo. Will send a message directly. Thanks.
  I saved this photo from a thread a while ago and now can't remember which thread it was.   Thank you in advance.
Good afternoon gentlemen,   I have a BNWT navy hopsack Spier & Mackay jacket in 36S Slim I am looking to sell.  Jacket was purchased couple of weeks ago and I had the waist and sleeves lengthened an inch but am not completely satisfied with the fit.     Here's the link on the S&M website. http://www.spierandmackay.com/product_information/4947_navy_hopsack___slim_fit   Please message with what you're willing to pay. I can meet up anytime this weekend...
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