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 Yes, semi spread for me.
There's nothing wrong with flipping items as long as: 1) your markup on items is reasonable (reasonableness is subjective but you get the idea) 2) (for cities with local SF threads) you don't clear out sales sections of SF-approved articles/brands every time there's a sale so you can sell them here after a couple of months for 3x of what you paid for them.   "You're just calling out the sellers' margins at that point." I think you may be referring to something I don't...
Most people who post on this thread are either upgrading to higher quality or don't get enough use out of items to justify keeping them. These guys are just happy to recoup some of what they paid and make room for new purchases and are not really looking to make a profit. Then there's the few people who are regular sellers and use this thread (as well as the general B&S thread) as a platform to make a profit.   People from the first group appreciate a friendly post...
Hi David,   Any chance of restocking CHSOT-3 any time soon?
I came across this jacket by LBM 1911 a couple of days ago and have been debating whether I should purchase it or not. I'm new to patterned jackets, all of my jackets are solids in different shades of blue and grey, so I could use a bit of help with what I can pair it with.  How would you wear with this jacket and how easy is it to dress it up or down?   Cheers, f.  
 They look great and $100 a steal indeed! I was referring to these.
Does anyone have the suede PTBs (and would they care to post a couple of photos)? I can't seem to find any IRL photos of the shoes online.
Ella Fitzgerald Nine Simone Beth Gibbons
Yes, it's possible. I've received FedEx invoices in the mail for a couple of purchases after they were delivered. Wear em in good health!
@TurboTropic Did you have to pay anything for duty and taxes?
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