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@nqtri I would say, while still slim, it's a bit more relaxed in chest and waist compared to Ludlow.
I was able to find the gentleman in the photo. Will send a message directly. Thanks.
  I saved this photo from a thread a while ago and now can't remember which thread it was.   Thank you in advance.
Good afternoon gentlemen,   I have a BNWT navy hopsack Spier & Mackay jacket in 36S Slim I am looking to sell.  Jacket was purchased couple of weeks ago and I had the waist and sleeves lengthened an inch but am not completely satisfied with the fit.     Here's the link on the S&M website. http://www.spierandmackay.com/product_information/4947_navy_hopsack___slim_fit   Please message with what you're willing to pay. I can meet up anytime this weekend...
Great thread! Subscribed.
Sold. Thank you, SF.
 It is 175 USD for the shoes plus 35 USD for shipping.
Thank you. Replied.
57" long, 3.75" wide. 3-fold construction. Classic shape for a four-in-hand knot.   Never worn. Received as a gift. It is truly a gorgeous tie but unfortunately a bit too wide for my taste.   It is sold for $85 plus $11 or $18 for shipping.   Please message with what you are willing to pay.
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