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I came across this jacket by LBM 1911 a couple of days ago and have been debating whether I should purchase it or not. I'm new to patterned jackets, all of my jackets are solids in different shades of blue and grey, so I could use a bit of help with what I can pair it with.  How would you wear with this jacket and how easy is it to dress it up or down?   Cheers, f.  
 They look great and $100 a steal indeed! I was referring to these.
Does anyone have the suede PTBs (and would they care to post a couple of photos)? I can't seem to find any IRL photos of the shoes online.
Ella Fitzgerald Nine Simone Beth Gibbons
Yes, it's possible. I've received FedEx invoices in the mail for a couple of purchases after they were delivered. Wear em in good health!
@TurboTropic Did you have to pay anything for duty and taxes?
@villagepark As others have mentioned, sleeves are way too short. I had a similar experience with my first (and probably last) SC purchase at SS. Tried on a jacket in 36S and everything fit perfectly except for the sleeves which were too short. Had them let out the sleeves (was told by staff there was enough fabric to let out) but turned out there was not enough fabric to get the proper length. So the jacket's been sitting in the closet. I know it's a difficult thing to...
Subscribed. Very glad to find a football-related thread in the forum and look forward to the discussions when teams are back from international break.
Welcome to the forums. I'd definitely be interested in checking out your new collection.
I'll go with F. @Claghorn, please send me a message with your paypal info and I'll send you the payment. Thank you.
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