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 Out of curiosity, what did you base your measurements on, a well fitting pair of pants or actual body measurements? I've been meaning to try them but don't have much confidence in my self measurement skills.
@7_rocket Or these, if they fit your style. They can be dressed up or down.
 I called SuSu yesterday to inquire about the date these will ship and was told mid to late October...
 Pink, blue, lavender and burgundy...
 Fellow Torontonian here. I have paid $78 and eighty something CAD for the two orders shipped with FedEx. For my last order, I emailed and asked them to send it with the national Spanish post service. I received them after three weeks but didn't have to pay anything for tax and duty. Hope this helps.
Or 36...would've taken both.
Fabric is 340 g/M which is lighter than what I expected. But it's fully lined, so will have wait until it arrives...
 They do. I emailed them after placing my last order (10/4/2016) and received the response below. "Yes, we can ship using National Spanish Post (CORREOS) if you like. This service is much slower (Up to 30 days from our experience) & unsafe compared to UPS; FeEx or DHL, but if you prefer we can ship it via National Post." It did take a about three weeks for me to receive the shoes, but didn't have to pay anything extra.
 @Kent Wang, any plans for offering different lengths OTR? Would love to purchase one of these in 36S.
 I contacted SS customer service and inquired about the fabric weight. Will report when I hear back from them.
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