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 Appreciate the link.  Is this 30% coupon used on each item or entire order? Can it be used on closeouts?
Just wanted to confirm with everyone -I called the shoe bank today to get a return label. They said they now charge $10 for the return label or I will just have to pay to ship it back?
Wow these are nice!I already have a pair in chocolate and walnut. Would it be overkill to get it in Bourbon?
I'm waiting to see ifi can get the model code from the seller. I now the amoks came in tan, olive, navy, and bitter chocolate but never just a "brown" as the seller has it listed as. @jlykos - I would love to purchase the amoks new however they are discontinued and no one has snuff suede.
Thats what i've thought but I'm thinking it might be the lighting.  I asked the seller for the model code on the the shoe tongue but he just replied that snuff suede is darker brown?
Can anyone confirm if these Amoks are snuff Suede?
My suede players are starting to look weird the nap is looking as if t is piling is this normal for suede?
Just wanted to bump this question.Also need some help with patriot sizing. I still have not found a size that works for me.- 9.5E fits well but too tight across the vamp- 10D length is great but too narrow- 10E big all the way aroundThinking of trying a 9.53E, what do you guys think?
Question for those who have burgundy shoes I'm looking to order some Saphir polish.  I currently have Mahogany creme polish, is this a little too light for burgundy burnished cliftons or would the actual bordeaux #8 be a better choice?
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