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Any place you can still buy Balenciaga Arenas in white? (I know you guys probably hate them)   I ordered them from the uk webstore the minute they put them on, only to receive an email a day later that thay had been already sold out when i ordered them.   I still think they just didn't want to ship outside of the uk...    I've been fiending for them for years now.
Hi   I need help   I'm size 9.5-10 in nikes, got KVA's in 43 and Balenciaga Arena in 42   What size in these Giuseppe Zanottis should I get? Yeah I know they're for women   http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/310450   please help me out   thank you in advance
Hey guys, hopefully you can help me out.   http://www.balenciaga.com/en_US/shop-products/accessories/men/new-arrivals/balenciaga-arena-high-trainers_804657398.html   How do these balenciagas fit? Iim 9.5-10in nikes and I'm 43eur in KVA sneakers, should I buy 43 or 42 in these?   And also why does the site say grey but the pictured shoes are white?   Not biting Kanye but I would like to purchase these, do you think they're the same...
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