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Im actually into Hip Hop a lot right now. Imortal Technique Jedi Mind Tricks MF Doom Danger Mouse Etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by tiger02 Welcome! But man oh man have you got a long way to go I never maxed pushups until my XO had us do a set of 50, ten seconds, 45, ten seconds, down to 10. Increase by five every week. With body armor. Thats not my regimine Thats what i started with though. I do straight up 5 sets of 45 with about a 15 second rest in between now. In the mornings to get blood goin and work up a sweat. I weight...
Well im in the Army and i can tell you a ton of good exercises that you can do anywhere and you dont need anything but your body. You wont bulk up obviously, but you will get very toned and defined. All these exercises are wonderful for a base (starting point before doing serious lifting) 1. Push ups - Yeah its obvious but it works. Start out doing sets of 10 with a 10 second break in between. Do at least 5 sets. Make sure when you are doing the pushups that when you go...
I use Morning Burst Facial Scrub on my face and back/shoulder area. It has little beads in it that REALLY get your pores cleaned out. It works great for blackheads as well as getting rid of that body acne.
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