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YYCH/Cos/Thrift/Y's/Docs   This coat is super awesome; I've been wearing it a ton. It is really fun when the wind really starts to blow. I also love to walk with my hands in the pockets, it just feels awesome. I always feel like dancing! [[SPOILER]]
YYCH/Thrifted cardigan/Y's/YYPH/Cons
Two recent looks....   YYPH/Thrifted shirt/YYPH/Cons   YYCH/Thrifted cardigan/Y's/YYPH/Cons   [[SPOILER]]
I wish I could give you some recommendations or something, maybe Ann D?  
I really like it until I get to the boots; there is something a bit off. The best I can get to articulating what is bothering me is that the boot tuck here kind of reminds me of wellingtons.... I think the shirt and sweater are also a bit too tonally similar.
It sounds kind of like a Yohji "basics" line. Too bad it is only for women....   This line makes me supremely jealous: from military jackets and coats to clothes inspired from his early years, he definitely knows how to make the uniform desirable.
It looks like it was photoshopped onto your body.... It also doesn't seem to fit in with the majority of your wardrobe.
It is a translation issue, just like you will also often see stuff about "toothpick" Yamamoto as well.
This is something I've always wondered, but how does one get an invitation to a large scale fashion show? The pics are wonderful!
Those Cos mandarin shirts are fine for the price. I'm sure it is possible to cut the placket off as long as you are ok with the fraying, but why not just buy one of their mandarin shirts with a normal placket?
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