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Awesome, thanks a lot everyone!
Can anyone school me on Issey Miyake? I know nothing and haven't found enough photographs of runway shows to say that I have an idea of his aesthetic....
I think the color makes them a bit tricky but the cut also seems a bit... pedestrian.... Have you tried cuffing them?
That shirt is like the garment version of a Wong Kar-Wai film.
Shah, where did you get that? I really want one too!  
YYCH/Thrift cardigan/Cos shirt/Y's/Cos
YYCH/Cos/Thrift/Y's/Docs   This coat is super awesome; I've been wearing it a ton. It is really fun when the wind really starts to blow. I also love to walk with my hands in the pockets, it just feels awesome. I always feel like dancing! [[SPOILER]]
YYCH/Thrifted cardigan/Y's/YYPH/Cons
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