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That's a really nice knit but I'm sort of on a saving mission. Thanks for thinking of me though!
I've seen and tried the wool jumper on. It is definitely raw wool, so anyone expecting a sweater should steer clear. My first thought was that I was holding a piece of carpet; the fabric is really stiff and I had trouble putting it or taking it off because there is zero give.  
Chase: I got them for 40 euros or something.   The label on my knit is just the normal "Y's". It says size 3 but I wouldn't be suprised if it was actually one size only. On a different note, did Y's sizing switch from letters to numbers at the same time as YYPH?
  My Yohji sunglasses. I really like them although I will have to wait a while before I can wear them again...   Detail of the back of my Y's turtles neck. On the right is a triangle shaped seam which pulls the knit around the hips.
You are probably better off going with a 3 or maybe a 4. I am 6 feet and 3 is basically as low as I could go, while still retaining the shape I like. Although I do have a favorite pair of mid 90s wool gabardines and they are a medium, so sometimes it depends on the year or cut of the pant in question.
I just leave the sleeves like that, no need for gloves! As to glasses I have a pair of Yohji sunglasses. As soon as I have time, I'll post a pic of them.
  Just got this Y's turtleneck about a month ago. It is super thick and really warm. I'll put up some detail shots when I get the chance, because the bottom hem is really interesting and resposible for twisting the sweater.   Ben your latest fits are looking really good. Keep it up!   I just got done watching an interview with Yohji perhaps it hasn't been posted before?   Interview
Ben, I think you should slow down a bit. You are really enthusiastic and everything but I think you need to consider things a bit more carefully. Your posting here but mainly in WAYWT seems really frenetic and hurried. There is no rush is there? I'd just take the time to pick and choose solid basics, figure out what aspects work for you and which don't and then decide to branch out and explore. I think you'll find that you will enjoy your purchases more and you won't...
Welcome to the thread! Rakuten is a really good choice as it is a lot easier to navigate than y!. They are bound to have something.
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