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Yang Li is awesome.
I still think you'd be great in Yohji, MOK. Ran out of thumbs...
The textures are fantastic, Shah!
Does anyone know anything about the brand "omen"? I've seen some stuff crop up on ebay but I've had no luck on google....
I really like the jacket and pants TWorksheets, but I think a different shirt (or maybe just untucking the shirt?) and perhaps all black shoes would be a bit better. The jacket is really fantastic though.
I've done espadrilles. They are nice for when it is warm, especially because I am not a sandals person.
I love the stuff that has been posted! I got to say though, the parachute jacket gives off a super creepy vibe. It's a nice change from the normal "gentle" Yohji.
I think for one the silhouette of the trousers that you have now is not all that interesting. That is however due to them being from a "Yohji for businessmen" line. Pictures also don't really do the pants much justice, since a still image can't transfer the feeling of the fabric or convey how it looks in motion. I would just try to find a nice pair of wool gabardine trousers as a nice base to start with. There are also "weirder" trousers with interesting button...
This is said with complete seriousness but I'd check out a "Big and tall" store. And stick to an oxford fabric.
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