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Does anyone know anything about the brand "omen"? I've seen some stuff crop up on ebay but I've had no luck on google....
I really like the jacket and pants TWorksheets, but I think a different shirt (or maybe just untucking the shirt?) and perhaps all black shoes would be a bit better. The jacket is really fantastic though.
I've done espadrilles. They are nice for when it is warm, especially because I am not a sandals person.
I love the stuff that has been posted! I got to say though, the parachute jacket gives off a super creepy vibe. It's a nice change from the normal "gentle" Yohji.
I think for one the silhouette of the trousers that you have now is not all that interesting. That is however due to them being from a "Yohji for businessmen" line. Pictures also don't really do the pants much justice, since a still image can't transfer the feeling of the fabric or convey how it looks in motion. I would just try to find a nice pair of wool gabardine trousers as a nice base to start with. There are also "weirder" trousers with interesting button...
This is said with complete seriousness but I'd check out a "Big and tall" store. And stick to an oxford fabric.
Portraits by Richard Avedon: Roy Lichtenstein, Jasper Johns & Samuel Beckett Notice the way Lichtenstein buttons his shirt!    
What is AAR? I've never seen it before... Is it a diffusion line?
That is basically what I hated about living in southern California. There is no real reason to even own outerwear.
That looks great ivwri. I am sorry to hear about your father-in-law, I hope he gets well soon!
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