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  YYCH/YYPH/Y's/Cons   Got to say Valter's look is one of the best things I've ever seen. [[SPOILER]]
I don't think one would have to size up.
The contrast sweater is pretty nice, I've been pretty satisfied with my Cos sweaters. It certainly is a slim fit, so beware I guess....
Y's/Cos/CDGH+/Docs The blazer is actually darker. It is a kind of "crinkled" cotton, 3/4 lined, completely unstructured and has the most massive inner pockets. I can easily fit paperbacks inside them.
Y's/Cos/CDGH+/Docs The colors are a bit off since it is perpetually overcast. The blazer is a darker black.
She is consistently awesome. Pics from Rosenrot
You might be able to sell them to Man of Kent, I remember him looking for some really big pants. I think he wanted a 5...
David, that fit is simply amazing.
Does anyone know anything about the brand "Omen"? Here are two pics of their tag....    
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