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I've got to echo Parker. This collection is super weird. I love the skirts and hakamas but it is a strange collection....
Ah, sorry, I missed that. If you put up some pictures I am sure that someone will be able to place it.  
Check the fabric code and compare it with the codes in the first post of this thread.
Does anyone know how MOMA's sizing runs?
  YYCH/YYPH/Y's/Cons   Got to say Valter's look is one of the best things I've ever seen. [[SPOILER]]
I don't think one would have to size up.
The contrast sweater is pretty nice, I've been pretty satisfied with my Cos sweaters. It certainly is a slim fit, so beware I guess....
Y's/Cos/CDGH+/Docs The blazer is actually darker. It is a kind of "crinkled" cotton, 3/4 lined, completely unstructured and has the most massive inner pockets. I can easily fit paperbacks inside them.
Y's/Cos/CDGH+/Docs The colors are a bit off since it is perpetually overcast. The blazer is a darker black.
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