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I think if the sweater were a lighter shade it would look even better; there isn't enough contrast up top.
It's sort of a combination of both. The Y's shirt is definitely a bit longer than normal and I gave the H&M shirt raw hems since it had the tendency toroll up anyways. The lighting gets on my nerves too but the sun has not shone since October. Sorry everyone!  
YYCH/Y'S blazer/H&M shirt thing/Y's shirt/CDGH+/Docs
YYCH/Y'S blazer/H&M shirt thing/Y's shirt/CDGH+/Docs The weather is terrible for pictures... completely overcast. [[SPOILER]]
I've got to echo Parker. This collection is super weird. I love the skirts and hakamas but it is a strange collection....
Ah, sorry, I missed that. If you put up some pictures I am sure that someone will be able to place it.  
Check the fabric code and compare it with the codes in the first post of this thread.
Does anyone know how MOMA's sizing runs?
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