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This thread is really awesome. Just stocked up my reading list. I wish I had something to contribute....
So acrylic seems to be the way to go when painting shoes? My girlfriend wants to make some white derbys....
They definitely have a strong taper. I don't really understand your question though...
Y's x2/Cos/YYPH/Moma
Is it possible to dye/polish brown shoes black?
YYPH/MOMA The construction of this sweater (100% wool) is really amazing. It appears that the sweater was knitted with "empty" windows into which the colored patches were then knitted into. The patches are of a different weight and weave than the sweater as a whole. It's a subtle contrast that I really enjoy. Also nice is that I can sneak in a little color. Code of the sweater: HT-K39-176 [[SPOILER]]
I think if the sweater were a lighter shade it would look even better; there isn't enough contrast up top.
It's sort of a combination of both. The Y's shirt is definitely a bit longer than normal and I gave the H&M shirt raw hems since it had the tendency toroll up anyways. The lighting gets on my nerves too but the sun has not shone since October. Sorry everyone!  
YYCH/Y'S blazer/H&M shirt thing/Y's shirt/CDGH+/Docs
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