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That is exactly what I have done! To VLSI: Of course it goes both ways.   I think we are all largely in agreement, in that communication is nice and sometimes necessary, and that in an ideal world everyone would be prompt in paying and shipping items.
That is, at least for my part, not a problem, so long as a seller says "Look, I am suddenly busy this week and will be at the soonest able to send it at this date". My problem is not how fast it is sent (they could send it next week for all I care!), but rather the lack of communication on the part of a seller with whom I am currently dealing with, who has, in my opinion, a responsibility to inform a buyer of when they will send their item. This takes less than a minute.
The crotch area looks a little weird. Kind of a mangina sort of thing...  
Of course, I don't expect next day shipping, only the courtesy of knowing that the seller has seen that I've won. I just think that it gives one a feeling of security knowing that the seller is taking care of their end of the deal-
Am I old fashioned for expecting someone to at least acknowledge me having won an ebay auction if they aren't going to mark it as "sent" sometime the next day?   Example: "Congrats on winning. I will try to send X this week".
How obvious. Thanks!
What exactly is "laine wool" and how does it differ from "normal" wool?
I must have had over 15 pairs of Reynolds 3s. I recently had my mom try to get me some from the states and she said that they were being phased out. That plaza with the bank looked really fun  
I remember dragging my mother all over to find Osiris D3s in the all black colorway and being super into how absurdly gigantic they were. Globe was only cool for me because of Mullen.
  I'd second Vans I guess. Basically all slim, vulcanized shoes eg. Emerica Reynolds Cruisers, various Gravis models. Depending on your tolerance for branding, I've always found Lakais to be wonderful shoes to skate in. Chucks are terrible for skating in, if skating means anything but cruising. If your going to be skating "for real" and not cruising, looks aren't going to do shit for you.  
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