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What exactly is "laine wool" and how does it differ from "normal" wool?
I must have had over 15 pairs of Reynolds 3s. I recently had my mom try to get me some from the states and she said that they were being phased out. That plaza with the bank looked really fun  
I remember dragging my mother all over to find Osiris D3s in the all black colorway and being super into how absurdly gigantic they were. Globe was only cool for me because of Mullen.
  I'd second Vans I guess. Basically all slim, vulcanized shoes eg. Emerica Reynolds Cruisers, various Gravis models. Depending on your tolerance for branding, I've always found Lakais to be wonderful shoes to skate in. Chucks are terrible for skating in, if skating means anything but cruising. If your going to be skating "for real" and not cruising, looks aren't going to do shit for you.  
This one is for the europeans: Dries van Noten Cotton/Rayon Blazer, Buy It Now at 129€ but ships only in the European Union.  
I have some Docs but it was hot and humid; basically I would have died.
Thanks for the advice, it means a lot coming from you!
The colors aren't that light though.   Edit: To Istasi - I have been meaning to get some derbys but a stereo purchase and a complete hardcover edition of Proust works has set me back.
YYPH suit/RVCA/Converse
I was reading about how to wash rayon and the things I read made it seem like this fragile fabric, which Wikipedia had also seemed to support. I am glad that this is not the case.
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