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Gradient sweaters are already in stores. So far the same color as last year; black bottom fading into grey.
YYPH/Cos/YYPH   Been really busy and haven't had time to post. David's last post is amazing....
Thanks for all the suggestions! The discussion is/was really interesting as well.
I've not been able to check on the thread as much as I'd like but that is one of my favorite fits of yours David!   On an unrelated note, I am looking for a black backpack.... I'd like one in black leather but I've been forced to drastically cut back my spending so any suggestions would be welcome. Lncc has a yohji one that is basically the archetype of what I'd like: Yohji sack
oops. Double post....
Yohji lifestyle pics..... Y's x2 and Docs.     [[SPOILER]]              
It's still snowing and minus temperatures here. I'd kill for spring at the least....
They are creepers with a painted sole. The sole is also toned blue, so even if the paint scratches off there will also be a bit of a blue "after image". The leather is really nice and supple. The laces are perhaps a bit long, but I just double knot them and then they are fine. I got mine of Ln-cc; orginally I'd wanted a different colorway, gray with black, but they sold out, so I got these instead, which I think was the right decision. The blue is bright, but not...
Well, they are pretty straight forward "creepers". The leather is really nice, soft and supple. I'm assuming you saw them on Ln cc? If so, the pictures do/did a really good job of showing how the shoes look. The soles are also toned blue which is pretty cool.   [[SPOILER]]
No name/Y's/Marsell
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