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I think it is a good starting point. If you feel good wearing it thats far better than starting off at extravagance level 100 and finding out that you've made a mistake.
I think it is AW 08, but I've never cared enough to thoroughly check. It was my first yohji coat and I've loved it since the first moment I put it on.
two recent fits since I haven't contributed in ages....unfortunately mirror pics  
They are shorts (3/4 pants?) that are pleated in the front; I had my tailor basically copy yohji hakamas.
Shitty mirror lifestyle....
AW 04 Shawl collar coat
Y's blazer and shirt/YYPH long sweater (AW 2005)/YYPH wool gabardine pants/Moma
Those are costume d'homme pieces. If my memory serves me right those are pieces that could be regarded as staples of a man's wardrobe, hence the name "costume d'homme".
I was at the museum today.   I've put up a linen Y's shirt on ebay. If anyone from here would like it, feel free to pm me.
Gradient sweaters are already in stores. So far the same color as last year; black bottom fading into grey.
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