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it tends to add a little; whether it will add 6/7 cm is hard to say. I'd err on the side of caution....
I think it is a good starting point. If you feel good wearing it thats far better than starting off at extravagance level 100 and finding out that you've made a mistake.
I think it is AW 08, but I've never cared enough to thoroughly check. It was my first yohji coat and I've loved it since the first moment I put it on.
two recent fits since I haven't contributed in ages....unfortunately mirror pics  
They are shorts (3/4 pants?) that are pleated in the front; I had my tailor basically copy yohji hakamas.
Shitty mirror lifestyle....
AW 04 Shawl collar coat
Y's blazer and shirt/YYPH long sweater (AW 2005)/YYPH wool gabardine pants/Moma
Those are costume d'homme pieces. If my memory serves me right those are pieces that could be regarded as staples of a man's wardrobe, hence the name "costume d'homme".
I was at the museum today.   I've put up a linen Y's shirt on ebay. If anyone from here would like it, feel free to pm me.
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