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Junya Watanabe black label - is it a man or woman's line? What's the difference between it and the blue label stuff? Used as a disparaging term for an effeminate or homosexual male   Is this the look that you are attempting to achieve?   Perhaps this explains the crotch shots?
bumping this thread with a request for info about Caruso labels: I bought one of the Yoox Caruso suits, hoping for a Sartoria Parma label but no, the label is 'CARUSO' in black upper case lettering on a white background.   It feels fully canvassed, but doesn't have working buttonholes or any other particularly nice touches.... anyone know where a suit with this label sits in the Caruso hierarchy?
Aren't you concerned about where those Nudies had been before you got them? There's probably a reason they were sold for cheap on the bay
Real McCoys Mountain Parka size 38, in excellent condition and with original tags. Made in Japan from cotton/nylon/leather, nice slim fit.    Lovely jacket and only lightly used - it's not really my style. In excellent condition - with some very minor marks on the leather.   Now sold, thanks for you interest.
Trickers Multi Tone Derby Brogues size 9.5 (UK). These are made on the 4444 country last, which fits around 1/2 a size large. They are a special edition that uses 3 different finishes: the vamp is pebbled leather, the quarter is repello suede and the remainder is smooth leather with a Dainite sole. They have been lightly worn as unfortunately I bought the wrong size. There is very minor scuffing and some slight discolouration on the heel lining as per the pictures but...
  I've PM'd you their phone numbers
  Hmmm, not sure whether someone looking for a £1500 bespoke morning suit would consider a £175 OTP item instead.   OP, have you tried asking at some of the smaller tailors? If you're in London, you could try Franco Santoro in Kingly Street or Michael Wood in Leytonstone. I've used both extensively for alterations, and have seen some of their own work at various stages of construction. Franco has some good stories (and pictures) about celebrity clients whom he has made...
Ending in just under 3 hours, Trickers brogues in a size 9.5(UK):
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