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No, the redcore run normal size for N&F. As far as them being super stiff, for a 14.5 oz raw denim they feel normal, maybe the WG Indigo is lighter I have no idea. But if 14.5 is too heavy for you then soak them to get the starch out. 
Your jeans are fine, even with a hole it would take a long time to fully blow them out with normal day to day wear. I kept up with a lot of athletic activity with decent holes and they didn't blow out. I did stop at a certain point though, so I could go get them repaired before it was a mess. If it makes you feel better I can post a pic of the damage on my NF, it will add some perspective.
That hole looks pin sized, I have no idea what all the panic is about. I put maybe 5 or 6 holes in my NF in about 4 or 5 months, in the front and back, not directly on the bottom like this pair. It's not a big deal, just soak and move on.    Mine broke down so fast because of activity, the sweating kind. But after only using them for normal wear the holes are not getting any bigger. 
Sorry, quoted the wrong post, this was for Caltex's response to your post. 
Of course they are going to be uncomfortable for a bit, thats part of the fun! Then with time and work you will have the ultimate winter jean. I loved breaking in the Elephant 2's, once I broke them I could do anything in them, even skated in them from time to time. So once you break the 32's I'm sure they are just really heavy thick jeans!
    Ya I was thinking the same thing when I read the post. So many people trying to size down way to much, I think you nailed the problem here, 4 plus shirts all ripped at the seams, hummm, a certain SNL skit came to mind when I read that!
Quote: Originally Posted by f***city  is it just me or i am i the only one jumping of the naked and famous bandwagon. had 3 different shirts come apart at the seams either when i got them brand new or after a wear or two. for a company stating that they have no gimmicks and laugh at the idea of the idea of 300 dollar jeans, they sell 300 jeans and instead of calling glow in the dark jeans or scented jeans they call them a novelty. same difference if you ask me....
I'm pretty sure he's Korean, he entered the indigo/indigo fading contest as well. He had a stencil logo in the back pocket of those jeans too. I'm Canadian, so good job Frodo!
Ya I second this.  I'm a 28 in WG, the WG chino in 28 was perfect everywhere but the waist, a 29 would have been perfect. So ya go up one size from your normal WG size because they don't stretch.
I have a pair of Multi color weft, SK, 29. New like condition, no fading at all. Let me know how tall you are though if your interested, i had them hemmed.
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