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Selling headwear: BNWT Headporter Plus beanie in navy $60 BNWT Needles wool beanie in heather grey $OLD BNWT Ebbets camp cap in black polka dots $50 Ebbets x Our Legacy 7 1/8 in heather grey $50 Check my other items, discount available for multuple purchases.
Selling a Reigning Champ alpine fleece pullover hoodie in light blue sz M. Worn twice, no flaws.
Selling some Uniqlo items, since I'm shipping from Canada, would like to sell more than one item at a time, discount will be given, lot available for cheap, check my other items too. All items are DS. Flannel in red sz Small $35 Corduroy shirt in off white sz Small $35 Flannel in blackwatch tartan sz Small $OLD Denim shirt in dark indigo sz Small $35 vintage chino in tan sz 31 $50 Vintage chino in khaki sz 32 (donut button) $50 MA-1 short blouson jacket in brown sz...
Hi guys, looking to get a new pair of raw denim, currently wearing Evisu 2000 no1 denim but the cut is too full for me especially the top block. Always been interested in IH but not sure what cut to chose... Was thinking about buying a pair of apc new standard to beat around but I'd rather and have some quality japanese denim. Also own a pair of LVC '67 505 and I like the slim-ish fit with a 7.5 or so leg opening. I'm a ~W31, debating between the 666 in sz 30 or the...
I am legit, ask for refs if you need to. Items located in Montreal, Canada. Pics sucks I know, pm me for more detailed pictures or infos. Trades here: http://hypebeast.com/forums/apparel/170148 Add 4% or gift. Reigning Champ alpine fleece pullover in blue sz M. Worn twice. $100 shipped. Reigning Champ diagonal french terry polo in heather ash sz M, worn once. $85 shipped. Uniqlo basics all new, since I'm shipping from Canada, will only ship if you buy more than...
New Posts  All Forums: