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Missed out on these CPs via the Ssense sale for $210  
yesterday at the track
It's been a pretty busy month so I haven't been able to post as often as I would like. Knocked out a pretty solid 16 mile and 20 mile run this month to prepare for my Run Across Georgia (260 miles) with my team this weekend. Also finishing up my training to do my first marathon on the 11th of next month.       
In the place of making another thread I decided to just ask me question here. Anyone know a few good brands that sell Brown Canvas type trucker type jackets such as these?   
Don't really post here much anymore. Here are my number for the past 19 days  
Blk Dmn
13 miles
Mon-off Tue-5.5 miles Wed-5 Thur-6 Fri-6miles Sat-off Sunday-off
Very chilly start to this mornings run in a fort really glad it started to warm up though. Pretty hyped that I was slowly able to raise my max distance to 16.5 miles.
Took my pair out to go suit shopping with a friend  
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