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Yeah I honestly don't take water or anything with me during runs anymore. Yesterday after my post I tried to knock out 10 miles in prep for my half marathon next week and my time wasn't what I was wanting at all
To any of the experienced runners on this tread I have a question. I have been running pretty often for the past year and a half and about mid last month I started to have ankle and knee pain during and after my runs. Went and got checked out after a race and I was told my have IT Band issues. So this month I have been taking it slow and not doing any races (Which is killing me) But I am still having pain. I even went out and bought new shoes with better support in them as...
Last Sunday-10 miles Monday-break Tuesday-6 miles Weds-5 miles Thursday-6 miles Friday-6 miles Saturday-6 miles Last night-6 miles Also hit my goal is 1.5k miles
Another 5 miles in this week
Might not win but I figured I would use this as an excuse to whip out some new garments  
Six miles in the rain for the first 2 miles then it cleared up. Another race coming up this saturday woooo
Black April 77 Joey Jeans that have been tapered down 
That trucker looks fucking beautiful. Calf leather?
First 1/2
Total of the month of September. It would be more but I had 3 competitive races that I had to take break days for. Wish me luck on my first 1/2 Marathon tomorrow
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