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5 miles last night. Got a race Saturday morning so I'm taking today off. Hoping to bag my first sub 40 min 10k.
Ran my first full marathon a few weeks ago and ended up hurting my IT band from not doing enough long distance training runs. I ended up with a time of 3:47:47 for what was supposed to be a projected 3:11:00. The wall at mile 20 is no joke :/
I have heard people say Lein is making them more narrow these days? I honestly would just like to get another pair but it seems like I will be waiting for a while longer.....
Bought my pair of cropped jodhpurs in a size 10 roughly a year ago, last week get my pair of chelsea boots from line 1 in the mail and i even ordered a half size up 10.5 and they fit extremely too tight. Should I go up a half size or a whole size for these?
Looking to buy a pair of the chelseas in sand in a size 43. I am paypal ready.
I have been looking for an affordable pair of Chelsea boots for a while and with the sale that Sandro is having it's hard to pass up boots in the $250ish price range. My question is has anyone had this make of Chelsea from Sandro? Is the quality of the products they make good? And lastly if I should go true to size on them.
had a 5k race in downtown this past saturday. Finished it up at around 19:31 
Alright Stylefourm family this week is my 2 yr  anniversary of my first run so I wanted to do something pretty dope. I joined a ultra marathon running team and we took on the Run Across Ga last weekend ( 260 miles). It was a pretty awesome event to say the least and they had a block party for each team after crossing the finish line. Running 3 times a day twice over the course of a weekend really can take it out of you though.    . 
Missed out on these CPs via the Ssense sale for $210  
yesterday at the track
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