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Did the the following t-shirt sellout online, is it available in-store?
Do any of the insiders know if there is a sweater coming for SS14 to match this Aran-Knit Watch Cap? If so, when?
For pics try:
The women's site is online, wife has three dress and a couple of jeans in the shopping bag, she's not done yet...there goes the trip to Bhutan....
^ It's that link in his footer, nice stuff on the sw&d buying and selling forum.
The third fall collection is Royal Navy, it includes the peacoats and the Aran sweaters.
Red pants; 1) Belt (important, ties it together) navy, white (or both) cloth/ribbon/web, 2) Shoes; dirty buck suede/dark brown leather, navy leather boat/camp mocs or white/navy Sperry CVO/Purcells. Oxblood loafers. 3) Shirt: white, navy, indigo, blue, yellow, grey shirts (OCBD, polo, tee, sweat)
I like the ones from RRL (when offered) and the ones from
Fall = olive SC's in my book. I pair them with the following; Shirts; deniim, red, navy, pink, blue, lavender and purple Sweaters: navy, burgundy, red, purple and gold sweaters Pants: khaki chinos, brown cords, jeans, brown moleskins Shoes: snuff suede, whiskey and #8 shell loafers/ chukkas
Breitling Navitimer (slide rule bezel) with a white face.
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