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I know. It was misunderstanding more than frustration. As a non native speaker I tend to overstate a bit.
Hello there, I received another pants today from Yoox. This time it's an Incotex Red for the summer. Color is sand. Let's have a look at the tags... more precisely that sticker on the red card... It is a bit confusing and it does not make sense to me. Now I tend to think that these "made in China" tags were added at some point in the distribution chain. Same goes with the PT pants I ran across from the same seller. I cannot believe that PT and Incotex make their pants in...
Hi Demian, About PT, I finally sent a quick note to Yoox 48 hours ago. No response. Incotex makes some of their pants in Romania and that is not a secret. You can find a ton of these on ebay and from reputable online sellers. I do not know if it is a bad thing in itself. It saves them some money for sure and allows them to cut the prices (well at least it should). It mostly depends on the level of technicality and the finishing required. Their high end production is made...
First of all, I do not take anything personally on the internet. It is a question of common sense. If I knew better I would have taken pictures of the labels attached to the pants I have bought and returned at the time. One was from the PT01 line, the other was a PT05. Maybe I should write something to Yoox for evidence but I know what I have seen anyway.Here are the two pants I have been talking about and they were labelled « made in...
Sorry for not spending my whole life posting here. Sure it makes me a spammer.If you have some other useful information about Pantaloni Torino, feel free to let me know.
Good summary especially on over-detailing and fabric.I have a very nicely done PT01 summer pants in blue and a decent PT05 in green.I purchased 2 more pants on Yoox lately but returned them because they did not fit me perfectly.I was amazed also that both were labelled « made in China ».
I'm just discovering this thread. kolecho is a trustworthy partner and a man of good taste.
Quote: Originally Posted by lilcram the one above is fake Looks ok to me. Probably made in Peru for the american market. Poly bags are used by Lacoste. The « Devanlay » tag must come with the washing advices.
Thanks for the help Winston but I have seen this one too. I have that same Sorrento model in peach color. I am looking for something more dressed up. I did not post a picture in agreement with the copyright laws but I will post the ebay link : Here is exactly what I am looking for in size 38. Price debatable.
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