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Not much luck today.   However, I did find my first T&A shirt that wasnt beat to fucking hell and back. I believe this is M2M in a Extra Slim Fit cut. We're talking about a 18" Collar, 23" across the chest, and 20" across the waist. Weird part of it though, 35" on the back length. Never seen a shirt so damn long.   Anyway, Ive always wanted to ask, whats the deal with the 4 digit code stamps on the brand tag?    
Very cool man! Not expert on material/weaves by any means (at least not yet) but im gonna say the material on this sweet vest looks like Whipcord. I had a pair of Filson Whipcord trousers and they looks just like that. Anyone else wanna chime in?
Hmm, If theyre 002's yes. If theyre not for you, you could still double your money.
Interesting haul today.   My first successful attempt at reuniting a suit. Although, I didnt have to look very far. I saw the pants on the same rack a several feet down and took a mental note, than BLAM! spotted the jacket.   Milano Fit Fully Canvassed Navy Blue Blue on Blue Stripes Milano Fit 2-Button Style Working Cuffs Pick Stitching Double Vented Fully Lined Flat Front, Cuffed Pants Whats wrong with it?....The top button on the front is...
Hmm, Ok. Well, as much as I dont want to, because I feel that those John Lobb - Lopez loafers I found in like new condition are somewhat of a thrifting trophy to me...I might be selling them along with some other shoe finds to fund a brand new pair of shoes. I know alot of you advised me against selling them but im just not that crazy about loafers and I really wanna get something that I know ill wear. I just feel that theyre gonna sit in my closet or might end up as a...
TO THOSE OF YOU THAT SELL SHOES... Do you offer Returns? if so, How often do you get returns because of fit issues? Im curious because im thinking about selling several pairs of shoes so that I could invest in a new pair of either Allen Edmonds or Alden.
Couple of questions...   I acquired a pair of Florsheim Imperial Shell Cordovan Longwings.   So this is what I know so far about these...   Florsheim Imperial The Kenmoor (Style# 93605) Longwing Bluchers in Brown Cordovan   I found a Florsheim ad with all the information I needed just by plugging in the style number into google. While doing research on how to clean/care for them though,  I came across a guide that talks lists the different Shell...
I feel ya. Just thought about that shit. Sorry for hijacking, just figured since we were on the topic it was cool. Ill check out the other thread. On to the thrift finds.
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