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I wouldve threw it in his face.
I wouldve picked it up. Im sure many here wouldve as well.
I actually dont like eye candy when im out hunting. Its way too distracting and it drives me insane because I know I cant walk up and spark up a conversation as easily as when im at a bar.
Youre joking right? You didnt pick these up? Did they want $40/ea or some shit?
Bad ass find man! Welcome to the club. I found a pair of worn once or twice Lopez Loafers a couple of weeks ago. Looked like a retailer donated them.
I meant "image" in the sense of how they are perceived in the retail world. I understand they do alot of good but its disappointing when they have For Profit pricing schemes and management/big wigs are seen driving fancy cars.
Yeah, I dont have a problem with FOR-PROFIT Thrift Stores charging outrageous prices because its expected.   But Goodwill's image doesnt entitle them to the pricing they are trying to adapt. They arent a luxury resale shop and even their Boutique's have the good whit mixed in with counterfeit luxury brands and low-mid quality shit.   It'd be like going into JC Penney and seeing a pair of shoes for $300 when its generally known that they run around the $50 ballpark.   The...
Yeah, it kills me that in the recent years Goodwill has started operating in a greedy way.   For $49.99, id rather shop at H&M, ZARA, or UNIQLO and get me a couple of shirts. The quality wouldnt be the same but it least it wouldnt be some used Burberry London shirt in a lame ass pattern that you could snipe on the 'bay for $10-$20.   Poor families, resellers, college students, the unemployed, and hipsters are the ones that shop at Goodwill NOT people who could drop $50...
Morons.   I wonder how long that'll sit there.   I also wonder how long it'll be before they have to start hiring Loss Prevention and start spending a shitload of money to combat theft. This sort of pricing can only attract thieves and trust me, Thrift Stores are such an easy target.
Nice! I made the mistake of leaving one of these behind last year. I also came across a shirt earlier this year that stayed because the stripes and color combo was too Graham/Bugatchi.
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