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Damn thats an ugly fake.
They both look like Grenadine to me....
...They're 7-Fold, Made in Italy.   Im wonder who the maker is, Any ideas?
Killin it man. Killin it.   You're on a streak.   I need to get out there soon, its been days.
Could use some help IDing the maker for these. Made in USA, tag inside says theyre Union Made   Thanks in advance...  
Thats why I would auction it off.   You dont want to rip yourself off.
So, I just gotta fuckin ITCHING to get out and go hunting (and by hunting I mean thrifting).   Its been a few days and its killing me that I have no money to make it happen. Ugh, this is worse than when I was a heavy drinker. Traded one bad habit for another.
I would hand it off to a consignor. Im gonna say Spoo cause I bidders flock to his listings and he could get you top dollar for it.
I always leave basics and the MADE IN CHINA pieces behind. I guess it doesnt matter if its for yourself but if you're looking to flip...Theory is VERY hit or miss.
DAYUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!... And in Shadow Plaid, looks youll be making it rain if you decide to sell that shit
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