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Seen a few heads mention lately that theyre going through a dry spell (thrifting-wise) I myself have had shitty luck at places that I normally ravage and take home at least 1 grail find. Whats the deal?
Gotta love a bidder who wont lose to anyone, no matter the cost!
OOOHHHHH, Black Label Finamore too! Peep the shoulder seams on that shit.   So jealous of this haul!   Although I had my moment a couple of days ago with a haul that fished 3 Borrelli's and a Finamore Black Label, Only 2 of the Borrelli's were able to pass my quality control and will be making it to my virtual sales floor on the 'bay.   Its been dry as fuck here the last couple of days. I need to expand or something.
Alright are the results for my 2-day shopping spree. Oh yeah, just a heads up...for bragging only....   Was about to leave empty-handed at one of my stops when I noticed one of the workers putting new shit on the "New Arrivals" rack. Found this Theory - Puffer Vest with zippers galore.   Not crazy about the pattern, but whatever. Its Oxxford Clothes....   2 Brioni, Pleated Front, Cuffed Leg Trousers. One of them is Flannel. Only thing...
Damn thats sweet, should bring in a good amount of cash!
Alright, I know this is somewhat off topic, but im doing some research on shit I left behind today and came across this seller. His picture setup is pretty fucking funny. Sometimes I wish I didnt give a shit enough about what im selling so that I could bang out listings like crazy. Oh, and sorry if this is anyone of...
To all the thrifters here that shop for shoes....   Do you guys pick up leather shoes with very tip of the toe that shows wear...specifically a little bit of peeling? Like if they kicked the corner of a table or something type.   I left behind a pair of Leather Horsebit Loafers from Ermenegildo Zegna. and changed my mind at the last second because the wear on the toe, all though not horrible turned me off into flipping them. This and the price, they wanted $25...
Man, Thats a trip, I have this exact Vineyard Vines tie but in baby blue. Also made for Allianz.
Speaking of Silver Label Brooks Brothers, whats the deal with those?   Ive come across 2 in the last couple of months.
Ive been staying away from ties lately cause when I would find something good, it would always turn up to be crap upon inspection. Anyway, decided to take a look today just cause.... In near perfect condition with a minor snag on the keeper. Walked out with 5 items...this one was free...   Oxford Woven? Silk... Oh yeah, first one.
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