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Ive heard of alot of people doing that. Ive done it a couple of times but they weren't as good as I thought because ive gone back like the following day and half of the shit would be gone and the other half ended up back where it belonged.
Ok, So I guess I gotta do a little campaigning...being that I am the only one on the list with 2 nominations, btw, is there gonna be an honorable mention for that accomplishment? haha....   PART I John Lobb Lopez Loafer   Purchased them in a "Boutique" section of a Thrift Store that normally has all the Macy's garbage marked up. I believe they made their way in there because they were in next to perfect shape and not because the person choosing the inventory...
Man, going through some more dry days out here.   I must be getting pickier or something. Not sure whats up. Either that, or all the resellers are out hitting the shops nonstop right now and probably till mid-end of Jan.   Anyway. I came up on a Levi's Made & Crafted Shirt from SS12 yesterday. Its the Grandad Shirt. No Pics cause im lazy but its got a Banded Collar, Horn Buttons, Selvage Detail and Chainstitch Runoff at the sides.   Today, I hit 3 shops and...
Ughhhh. Gotta love getting Dior Homme for a steal. Are those the Clawmark ones?   Props for finding some Thom Browne. I have yet to get that cherry popped. But yeah, sleeveless Oxford is outrageous.
Sarcasm? Man thats a good pick up in my opinion.
Question.... Cheapies 2012... Are we submitting our own best find of the year? is that whats happenning?
  I actually found a Levis Big E Type III Jacket (70505-0217) the day before I found those jeans and decided to leave it because I couldnt find any good completed listings.   Anyway went back today and it was still there so I picked it up (I thought maybe it was a sign)   The jeans do say 40x36 but actual size is 36x30. Dont know how that happened...no signs of alterations on the inseam.   The jacket itself is tagged a 44....im thinking about pairing them up in a...
Whut up...   Made a couple of returns today and decided to scour the rest of the store (i was there last night and handled only half)....this is what I found...   Levi's 501 Big E Selvage Jeans...   Any experts here?... Wanna drop some knowledge on where these stand as far as date?   [[SPOILER]]
Aight, here are my finds for ....   YESTERDAY... Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme Trousers in a Rare Size 6 from AW06   Cool little pocket and curved seams running down the legs..     [[SPOILER]]     TODAY....   Beige Cashmere Sweater, Made in Scotland...   [[SPOILER]]   Vintage Brooks Brothers Brooksflannel....     [[SPOILER]]     Filippa K Virgin Wool Sport Coat...   Slim Lapels...1-Button Front   [[SPOILER]]   AND THE BEST FOR LAST...   ETRO Cashmere Sport...
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