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Whut up fellas, Im the field now... 2 Kiton Cashmere-blend Corduroys One of them with the seam on the ass crack coming undone and both of them have sweat/piss stains. Oh yeah, size 36/38 (us)... Pass Or take home for repairs? Also, about 4 Brioni orphans, im looking forthe pants now. All in great shape...pass or take home? Thanks in advance!
Looks like a horrible knock off of Dior Homme's tags by John Bartlett. That reference code is for a Spring 2006 piece.   Maybe its one of those things where brands try to look like the better, more expensive stuff. Like the Kirkland waistband for their trousers, that looks similar to Zanella's.   Lame.
Whut up ya'll   Sorry I havent contributed in a min.   Stay tuned, ill be posting my finds from the last 2 months...shortly...
Nevermind, got it. Found it on PTO.
Hmm. damn. I doubt they'll be there tomorrow, but I might try to hit it up and see if I could swoop them.   Where is the recipe and process for that again?   or if you could PM it to me that would be awesome, im sure everyone here is sick of hearing or seeing it posted
  NICE! Thats a badass shirt haul!   Im curious to see what the MMM pants fully look like.
Whut up Ya'll   THANK YOU ALL FOR THE KIND WORDS AND PRAISE ON MY FINDS!   Even though its only been a day since my last fix, I had to go out again this morning.   I thought luck was on my side when I came across 3 Ralph Lauren Purple Label Keatons...but upon further inspection, the pits were greasy and the collars had light-to moderate yellowing.   Since I dont have a surefire way of removing the stains, I left them.   What do you guys think? Good...
Alright guys, here it is as promised. None of it is available. Sorry. Oh yeah, I decided to post only the stuff I was excited about.   BROOKS BROTHERS Wool Sport Coat with Throat Latch...     POLO RALPH LAUREN Brown Suede Leather Moto/Cafe Racer Jacket     Junya Watanabe x Comme des Garcons MAN...       PRPS Work Shirt with Chin Strap. New.   GITMAN VINTAGE Seersucker/Plaid Short Sleeve   More GITMAN...
Alright ya'll. I know I havent been active the last couple of months (not that any of you have noticed) but its been a good past few weeks in the thrifting game. Get your kleenex and lotion ready cause theres going to be plenty of brand porn and a possible Cheapies nomination for next year... Stay tuned.
Thats a Type III Jacket. I have the same one. It should be a Big E and the small cardstock tag inside gives it away. All the repros have the large ones with letter sizing. Cool find, but as suspected. Not worth much on the bay unless its blanket lined. I might be getting rid of mine, its just not working out for me. Id like to get me a Type II or I.
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