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Anyone know how to take off those stupid Dry Cleaner tags that they glue on to the inner-bottom of the placket? I mean, theyre an improvement to writing with a permenant marker directly on the fabric (which should be illegal) Most of them I have luck with just using the tweezers but I have a couple of stubborn ones, any suggestions?
Defintley a "JOHN W. NORDSTROM". I have a Cashmere Sport Coat and it has the exact same tags. As far as who makes it for them? I have no clue.
Picked this one up the other day, couldnt go wrong for $1... What do you guys think, Authentic or Fake?.. (Sorry about the sideways pics, not sure why they keep coming up that way)                  
Thank you!
Anyone know what this is? Thanks in advance!....  
So, Oxford Cloth shirts with moderate to heavy wear on Cuff and Collar edges...Pick up or Pass?   I personally think they look cool but im wondering what you guys think.
Hello all, I need some help identifying this BROOKS BROTHERS Sport Coat. It is "Made in Italy", Composed of 85% Wool and 15% Cashmere with a Glen Plaid pattern. Anyway, I guess what I want to know is what Brooks Brother's line this is from....and also, who makes their "Made in Italy" stuff... Thanks in advance!        
So, Anyone know what Brooks Brothers line is "Made in Italy"....   I posted pics a page or two ago of a sport coat I picked up the other day, ran the style numbers and stuff on the tag but nothing is coming up.
Ok, Let me ask you this, because more than likely it isnt going to be my size, it looked too big, in terms of just selling it in "For Repairs" condition, do you think anyone would jump on it?
Dont remember the size. From what ive read, its rare and is up there in the ranks with Kiton?   How would one even go about getting all those yellow stains out on something Dry Clean Only?   Yeah, I always ask for a discount on shit thats pretty beat up. Always works, got a pair of Dockers K-1, Made in the States in Cramerton Twill the other day for a steal because I thought they were damaged, so I asked the dude for s discount. Went down from 10.99 to 1.99 haha. Anyways,...
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