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I always pick up the REGENT from the PRL line. Every single one ive come across seems very high quality. I think its their most expensive shirt from that line too.   I picked up a sweet one in a salmon color, with striped, spread color, split back yoke, and side gussets. The pony logo is embroidered on the gussets.   All the ones ive come across seem to be made in Hong Kong.
I was scanning through the jackets and skipped this, but then did a double take because it looked interesting...pull out the label and nearly had a stroke...         Dont want to steal Shiny's thunder with his Thom Browne score...but im sure you guys would appreciate seeing some Dior Homme and not the usual Christian Dior licensed garbage that sometimes plagues this forum.   HIDDEN FUNCTIONAL CUFFS...     GW PRICE TAG....For the...
NICE FINDS!   I hate coming on here and seeing shit like this, it gives me the itch to go out and do some hunting. Unfortunately, dont have the funds right now for that kind of fun and I gotta get my ass to posting the shit I have here.   Good job!
Can anyone here recommend the best product theyve tried to get out Collar/Cuff stains?   Ive been trying Oxy Clean gel stick and it works 25% of the time...last shirt I tried it on, left blue staining on the color. Im scared to try it on anything else now.   I want to start taking some more chances on shirts with the stains (flippable ones of course).
I just spotted Harvie & Hudson for the first time a week or so ago. Quick research showed that it wasnt flippable, so it stayed.
Seen a pair of Flat Front Corbins like these, in khaki. Theyve been at sitting on the rack for weeks and everytime I hit this place, they trick me into thinking im about to score some Incotex.   Anyone know the deal with these? Are these made by Incotex or is Corbin trying to emulate?   Ive even come across GAP trousers that have the blue band with the size on lame. You gotta wonder if the designers of these pieces have any shame.
Ughh, Ok, So what gave it away? Material?
Sorry about the sideways pics, dont know what the deal with that is. Here's a couple of my highlight finds for the past week or so. Stuff I left behind...   3 Eton shirts, complete with Collar/Cuff stains. Same owner im sure, all same size.   1 Paul Smith Jacket, Possibly an orphan. Left it behind because the branding tag was missing.   Burberry London repp tie, small stain   Polo Ralph Lauren, Made in Italy, Polka dotted Skinny Tie   Charvet Tie...
If you found a piece that you NEVER, in several lifetimes, imagined to find in a thrift store...would you scour just that store, or every store in the area?   I mean, What are the chances of that donation going to just the one store?   Ive donated a bag full of stuff and have actually come across my donations at other stores, and not at the one I dropped the stuff at.
Hello, I have a chance to acquire a pair of Dior Homme jeans but ive become suspicious after noticing that the fastening on the waist is a button like the rest of the fly instead of the normal hook/eye one ive seen. Am I being too paranoid or could these be from an earlier season? Thanks in advance
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