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I came across W&G awhile back. A crazy gusetted oxford. It had fraying on the cuffs, so it now sits in a bag to be redonated. Also came across a pretty tight militant looking W&G. I was going to buy it for 10-15 to flip but found a hole on it just in since its a defunct label now and appears to be desirable, would picking up damaged ones do me any good?
I dont know why, but I always manage to make time for Goodwill Boutique. Its not too far from here and its on the way to my other spots so I always stop in, hoping that the idiots who price things slip up one day and underprice something.   I think that the most ridiculous thing I saw there today, hands down...a beat up YVES SAINT LAURENT "FOR MEN" (licensed garbage) for $32!   How was it jusitified? They printed out a YVES SAINT LAURENT "RIVE GAUCHE" off...
I think If I end up selling it ill just throw it up as is. Like you said, bidders dont seem to mind. I guess what im thinking is if its worth having investing the money to have it looking like new to get a higher selling price. Like, am I going to spend $200 to have it religned and the item only brings in an extra $50-$100 in tip top shape.   Anyways, I just emailed Jil Sander, that'll be tight if they say "bring it in to this store, we'll take care of it at no cost"...
So, I came up on a Jil Sander, 2pc., Made in Italy suit a few weeks ago (thrifted of course). I bought it knowing it had issues and being the haggler that I am, I pointed out the defects at the register to get them to discount it (which by the way guys, try this, it works 99% of the time).   Anyway, the trousers had a missing button, not a big deal, I figure I could have replacements shipped to me directly from Jil Sander at no cost.   But the second problem is...
Big Ups to that!
Hahaha, Nice! I left a couple of "Script" Regent and an Estate today. This one is much nicer than the ones I left!
Nice! Are those the Vintage Slims or 484 Slims?
Im diggen that back of that collar! Never seen anything like it before.
Ugh, That shit's sick. I have yet to find some Rive Gauche in the wild!   Finally, the GOOD Yves Saint Laurent shit shows up on the board.
    Yeah, this one is badass. I guess this is called Royal Oxford? you could totally see the weave and it has a very nice sheen to it.
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