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Cool shit man. Remind me of back in the day when I used to listen to IDM/Experimental shit. We're talking '99. What are you working with?
Im curious...tell us more about it.
Oh yeah, forgot to post this one...this is my highlight find of last week...     Wish the pattern was better, but hey, cant complain for what it is.
Congrats on that Givenchy find!
*shrug* I never have luck with shoes. Guess ill be checking more often now.  
I NEVER check shoes but this time I decided to and there was a pair with shoe trees in them that caught my was this....             They look like they worn 1 day and maybe the dude didnt like the fit so returned them to whatever the retail store was that donated them. Worst part of it all, theyre my damn size and fit like a glove. Why's that bad thing? Im broke and intended to buy them for flipping purposes. Ugh.
  You should be arrested! Thats a nice come-up there!
Ive thought about volunteering to see how it all works but I wouldnt wanna be stuck running register or doing shit work. If I go in, I want to be able to sit on my ass in the back room and price shit. Oh, and you better believe id be dibbin' on the good shit.
  They have a mix of stuff. New and Used. Its very overpriced and the reason being is that they're price research isnt done properly. It appears that they simply Google brand names along with the garment type and go off of the first result it spits at em.   There are deals to be had here but its definatley more of a headache than rewarding. Ive walked into this specific store a handful of times and have never walked out of there with anything because things I found that...
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