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Coo, Just wanted to prep you guys for my find. Ill post pics later.
Any selvedge denim freaks in here?
Hahaha! Nice! That your find?
I might start checking the Juniors (Girls) section. Maybe i'll find some Comme des Garcons or Dior Homme in there
Speaking of labels... Ive tried researching elsewhere before coming here. Off the top of your head can you tell me about how old these are?   They cant be that old because the cut is quite slim. But I dont know.   I couldnt leave them because they seemed unique. The ribbing on the material is horizontal and the reminded me alot of Incotex.   (Flat Front, Uncuffed, French Fly, 8" Leg Opening)    
Yeah, the newer tags are dark brown. Are you picking those up for flipping or personal?   I always skip on those jeans. I see like 50 pairs everytime I go out.   I dont bother with True Religion or 7 for all Mankind. They seem to have a very high probablity of being fake and the time trying to figure it out isnt very worth it to me.   Aside from that, Thrift Stores nowadays think they know their shit because they be pricing them jeans at like $15-$30.
I fuckin hate the Salvation Army, by the way.   Its like they dont give a shit about how beat up something is and still put it on the rack at average prices. Oh...and the chaos on the racks!...fucking kills me. Youll find Tees mixed with Dress Shirts and Shorts mixed with Dress Pants.   Ive had some good luck there, but damn, its such a buzz kill imagining that I have to go through every section in the store because they cant keep shit in order.
The tag on the older pair of 7's look good. The style number is printed and not stitched like the rest of the tag. Thats one quick easy way to figure out if you should further inspect.
Reaktor is cool. Pretty much anything Native Instruments makes is badass. Max/MSP is a bitch to learn though. You must have some patience or really good memory. I dont know what its like now but when I tried to learn it in like ' was a nightmare. AufioMulch, SynthEdit, and Reaktor were the only patching/programming apps I was able to pick up.
on some MaxMSP shit?
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