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Need some quick help... Grenadine or not? It has the same pattern as a regular one but it isnt as obvious or large as some of the other grenadines ive come across... By the way, its the Brioni I found the other day...  
Oh yeah, they dont appear to have been worn much or washed either. I just measured them and theyre exactly 27" on the waist, had they been broken in, the waist wouldve stretched an inch or so.
    Yeah, thats the only sucky part.   I guess all Iron Hearts have a 36 inseam, so I guess its just a part of the look. Im sure that makes for some amazing stack marks.
Oh...and the brand porn I promised earlier to all the selvedge sluts... Sorry guys, it aint available...gotta pay rent...          
Kinda slow today...   Found this one burried in a laundry basket with a bunch of shitty ties. Almost picked up a self-tipped XMI (pattern and fell was modern). Anyway, this needs the keeper sewn back on and theres a couple of snags, so its gonna stay in my collection or I might get it doctored up and give it to someone as a gift haha.   Billy Reid shirts dont appear to do well on eBay. Most I saw was 40-something. Anyway, this one is Safari styled so it...
Speaking of selvedge....     Funny as fuck.
Fuckin nice man! I wish to one day find one of these.
You guys could put your cum socks away, these are 27s haha
Yeah, cant beat $8!
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